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USF4 > Blanka > Surprise Forward - Command Normals

Blanka's Surprise Forward Ultra Street Fighter 4 - Forward Hop

Surprise Forward a.k.a. Forward Hop
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feralwolf72 posted November 22, 2014

Blanka's command dash forward. Most often used to cross up opponents after hard knockdown to establish the mix up. Encouraged to use to mess up the charge of charge characters after knockdown. Often used in some throw set-ups for the unsuspecting defense character. Do not rely on that tactic though, as you are very much punishable with the move.
Another trick with Surprise forward, is that this allows the Blanka player to move forward while holding a down charge by holding down forward and pressing all 3 punch buttons. This great for executing an "upball" on players that enjoy jumping out of range, or setting up for hail mary focus/rfc plays ("the NISHIKIN special" as it is becoming known as).

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