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USF4 > Blanka > Rock Crusher - Command Normals

Blanka's Rock Crusher Ultra Street Fighter 4

Rock Crusher
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ShotoSurgery posted November 22, 2014

other than Blanka's rolling attack, this is one his few moves that break through focus attacks without using meter, but overall this move is not that useful. Rock Crusher requires you to get close to the enemy, which is not wise if the opponent is charging his focus. Basically, this move is only good as a wake-up to a close focus attack.

feralwolf72 posted November 22, 2014

The first hit of Rock Crusher can be special canceled out of, which is useful for electricity or hop pressure. A fully charged Rock Crusher can combo in UC1, but it is hard to time (1 frame link last time I checked). While not the most reliable overhead in USF4, if you have scared your opponent into blocking, uses for it can be found.

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