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USF4 > Blanka > Amazon River Run - Command Normals

Blanka's Amazon River Run Ultra Street Fighter 4 - Slide

Amazon River Run a.k.a. Slide
7.8 of 10
Hard knockdown
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feralwolf72 posted November 20, 2014

Blanka's slide. Goes under projectiles. Learn where and when to use it versus all projectile/zoning characters. ARR will covet you the "hard knockdown" and do a fair amount of stun for a single hit. Not very safe though. You will be punished hard for misusing this move.

markoazul posted February 13, 2015

the most of shoto players usually use the first 3 seconds of the round to get position and start the attack, then they throw their first hadoken, thats when you can use the ARR. ¡try it! it works.

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