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Balrog Ultra Street Fighter 4 artwork

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Stamina: 1,050Stun: 1,000 Tier Ranking: 29th
Popularity: 17th Frame DataSF4 Tiers

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RedRyu posted June 15, 2015

Balrog in SF4 is one of the most Fundamental-heavy characters in the series. Despite being a charge character, he is one of the most adaptable and versatile characters in the game because of his vast variety of Simple yet Affective tools, specifically in the footsies/damage departments. Balrog also has arguably the best jab button in the game(vs rolento) which starts up in 3 frames and recovers very quickly, making it useful in more than just footsies. This, combined with a very good Ultra 1, high stamina, easy combo and punish options with dash punches, armored moves as well as a few armor breakers and an overhead(which also breaks armor) makes Balrog a really Violent Buffalo in USF4. (Get it, Violent Buffalo? I'm funny. ;D)

Despite all these pros, Balrog remains as one of the more "Simple" characters in the game. Although Flexible in playstyle, there isn't much mixup in his gameplay aside from a slow overhead (which requires charge), so at higher levels, victory comes through mind games and good reads to open the opponent(Don't forget fundamentals!). He has great normals but his longest range cancellable move is short and slow, so if you're really behind in life you have to get in and make a risky guess. He has a lot of Dash Punch variations but they're slow and easy to react to,(Unsafe too.)

Still, he's a very solid character to play at all skill levels and really scary to fight against if played right, as shown by PR Balrog, the best Balrog player in the world. Balrog is a very simple and straightforward character, so he's a great character to learn Street Fighter with alongside Ryu. THERE'S NO ESCAPE from this Crazy Buffalo, damn STRAIGHT. (;D).


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