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Stamina: 850Stun: 850 Tier Ranking: 3rd
Popularity: 7th Frame DataSF4 Tiers

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Restinpixels posted December 1, 2014

Akuma is a character that requires you to be on point. From personal exp. i know that akuma is a "quick to stun" character which many of moves are highly punishable but high damage dealing. Something that gets alot of people is forward fierce kick then sweep people never expect the sweep or if you knock them down stand by them acting as if your going for an attack upon wake up but as they get up jump back and very quickly fire a gohado at them it is wonderful. one last note a good standard akuma combo is
Flip to dive kick,light kick,light hurricane,into heavy shoryuken

slickn4 posted November 19, 2014

Is Akuma a weak character?

SunsetRider posted January 31, 2016

If you're playing SF4 (any edition) on the PS3, the Akuma Super and Ultra commands are incorrectly written on this page; should be - Square, Square, Left, X and R1 (when facing right). Same for the Super, just a different direction.

seizan posted February 7, 2015


AnaboliChris posted December 15, 2014

SF4 Ultra mode specific combos for Akuma

SF4 Omega mode specific combos for Akuma

LukeLaw posted December 10, 2014

I've just switched to Akuma from Evil Ryu. Overall, I feel like he is a very deep character with incredible potential. Except for his upper-cuts, Akuma definitely has the best overall game of the shotos. His speed, his fast normals, his beasty focus-dashing, and his incredibly link-able standing close punch make him very threatening on the ground.

In the air of course, Akuma has all the options of his demon flip, as well as air-fireballs. So that, in the end, and especially with the addition of the cancel-able far heavy punch, Akuma's mix-up options are the best in the game.

Delayed wake-up makes vortexing much harder. Still though, I've seen people adjust Akuma's wake-up game and still make it work.

The major down-fall of the character, of course, is his low health and stun. Which, on top of his poor uppercut range, can make winning with Akuma very difficult -- at first.

darthvenom posted November 17, 2014

What happened to the combos?

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