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Soul Calibur 6 > 2B
2B Soul Calibur 6 artwork

2B Soul Calibur 6 moves list, strategy guide, combos and character overview


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ThePlumbum posted January 7, 2019

3B, AAB [61]

3B (hold), B+K, AAB [81]

3B (hold), B+K, A+B (hold, LH), 3B (hold), B [90]

A+B, 3B (hold), B [49] (Can also start on Aggression Shift B held for 60)

Reversal Edge B, 3B (hold) B [60]

Reversal Edge K, AAB [62]

B (hold), B+K, B (hold), B+K, BA [95, counter hit only, whiff very first hit]

---Soul Charged Only Below---

3B (hold), B+K, AAA, 3AKK, B [127]

236BB, AAA, 3AKK, B [84, OTG pop-up. Can chain on Aggression Shift A but not true combo in that case.

4BBB, 236BB, AAA, 3AKK, B [114, much riskier setup into the same combo)

Reversal Edge K, AAA, 3AKK, B [93, the pattern is we have a lot of setups into Aerial Leap AAA, 3AKK, B]

BBBB, B [94, Counter hit only]

These are some BnBs I've been playing around with, I'm sure they're not fully optimised but there's something there.


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