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MvCI > Thanos
Thanos Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite artwork

Thanos Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite moves


Stamina: 11,000 Tier Ranking: 8th
Popularity: 6th MvCI Tiers
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Pharaoh63 posted September 24, 2017

As is the case with most bulky characters, Space Stone is your best bet with Thanos. Easy combos, combined with high power, make for one terrifying time.
If you want to mix things up, you could be able to try using the Mind Stone, as well. Thanos has some good supers, as he can get combos into Sovereign Decree into the air. The Mind Aston’s will help you get those supers fast, allowing for more combos. Just something I might suggest as an idea.

RandomMeme posted December 4, 2017

My personal choices for Infinity Stones for Thanos are Time and Power, usually for one or two uses each. Time for a dash mixup in the air (dash forward+nothing, dash back+nothing, dash forward+time, dash back+time) and the Heavy Punch infinite with the storm. Power for a really scary Final Judgement and Palm Breaker+Power Stone+Sovereign Decree combo that actually works.

For partners, my go to are Ultron and Ryu. Ryu if running Power because of an equally scary Shinku Hadoken in Infinity Storm and Rykyu+Power Stone+Tatsu+Shinku combo, and Ultron if running Time for the same kind of mobility mindgames.

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