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Ryu Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite artwork

Ryu Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite moves


Stamina: 10,000 Tier Ranking: 36th
Popularity: 16th MvCI Tiers
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shakunetsu posted June 19, 2017

The radical change of the gameplay fundamentals that is the new mechanic the projectile deflect destroys Ryu playstyle. Ryu was been an average character and not threatening in UMVC3 and TVC but now he had returned to the most predictable character after being stripped mostly out from his TVC and UMVC3 updates along with the new projectile deflect mechanic.

While others having the benefit of gem/stone advantaged and also enjoy the universal short hop was also given new mobility option and new special moves to utilize and compensate with the radical update. Some that has new improved moveset are like Ironman, dante and Cap. While the likes of Hulk, Arthur and Thanos get new mobility option like air dash and wall jump other than the universal updates.

In fact he doesn't need "new moves" or "new" stuff what he needs was his usual tools from UMVC3 and TVC that doesn't even make him top tier or threatening to others in MVC standard compare to the new update of others in MVCi.


1.) Shin Hadouken from UMVC3's Hado Kakusei to replace Shinkuu
2.) Hado Shoryuken -
3.) Air Dash from TVC - for better unpredictability and other way to advance.
4.) Hadouken - Durability 2 against normals projectile and cannot be deflected

Even SMASH gave Ryu new and unique tools beyond his specials and universal mobility and offensive options to make him viable and effective in a different gameplay system. While MVCi took a lot of potential making him just average.

BunnyBoy posted June 18, 2017

Wait, what? You can't use QCB to do Hurricane Kick in mid-air? Or is this an accidental mistaken move listing?

bskchaos posted June 18, 2017

Aerial H. Kick is forward?

LarsMasters posted October 10, 2017

Now that the game is released, when will all movesets being updated, such as the Level 3 Hyper name & DLC characters?

darksteel131 posted September 25, 2017

Thank GOD the hodouken isn't that DOWN DOWN FORWARD FORWARD Combination.

shakunetsu posted September 19, 2017

This Ryu iteration in this game is a DISSERVICE to his character.

Ryu is worst in this game "from damage" and special moves.

His Hadouken can be now easily deflected worst than any projectile in this game. Hadouken is supposed to be better than any bullet, rocket and tech/gadget projectile. It is "supernatural", mystical and exceptional which is acknowledge as spiritual in Megaman X universe.

Ryu's Hadouken is better than the likes of Chun li than includes some energy blaster along with the rest of gadget and tech user.

Why? because even in Megaman X Universe Hadouken had extraordinary from requirement, conditions and reward in order to successfully manifest.Yet it is Hadouken downplayed worst than those in this game.

Hadouken was so significant than any projectile which is seen in the ending SFV cinematic mode that shielded and protect Chun li.

Ryu is a Mystical Martial Artist that is beyond as a human from strength and power compare to the likes of Haggar, Spenser, Chris, Chun li, Frank west, Hawk eye and etc.

Ryu had even better DURABILITY than the rest because he can go toe toe with bare hands against a Satsu no Hado user like Akuma that also ripped sea vessel bare handed.

Satsu no Hado have been also remark by Thanos in MVCi Cinematic Mode as an extraordinary that is beyond gods of there fictional worlds that even would gamble to it than the stone.

Every character even the like of Chun li have been exaggerated

Haggar also gain the "Magic Satchel" as an exaggeration while Ryu didn't get anything exaggerated and improvements instead he end up with nerf compared to his UMVC3 version

Ryu character in this game have lack of exaggeration and creativity compare to the like of UMVC3

1.) HADOUKEN - should be cancellable to Jump and Dash like and have 2 durability against projectile. That cannot be deflected.

2.) SHIN HADOUKEN from Ryu's Hado Kakusei in UMVC3 should have replace his Shinkuu Hadouken as Super.

MVCi team proves that they can enhance projectile/beams/laser in this game, so why keep Ryu in that poor state. When Hadouken is one of the most extraordinary and supernatural projectile and laser in Capcom fictional unverse

3.) DENJIN HADOUKEN should have been in this game with a charge up version that makes it unblockable.

When Denjin successfully hit it put the opponent on crumpled state like "Thanos's EMPEROR STANCE" in this game.

4.) HADO SHORYUKEN from UMVC3 should have been Ryu's permanent but as a hold button any P button after SRK motion.

5.) FORWARD AIR DASH should have been in this game for Ryu from being extraordinary martial artist. Cyclops, Cable and etc especially in Capcom side can defy gravity even not as great like Ryu.

So Ryu should have been given an Air Dash as a default mobility option.

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