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Mega Man X Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite artwork

Mega Man X Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite moves


Stamina: 9,000 Tier Ranking: 9th
Popularity: 7th MvCI Tiers
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BadSkin posted September 19, 2017

Still, toys and other official merchandise refer to the character as "Megaman X". So lets just stick with the moves and combos, shall we?

Battlemon posted June 18, 2017

Can you guys at least name him "X" and not "MEGA MAN X", you also name Zero right and not "MEGA MAN ZERO".

RyRodrigo posted July 6, 2018

^^^ Mega Man X is his full name. People just refer to him as X because saying all of that would be cumbersome.

Anyway, to actually give some useful advice that doesn't involve useless whining about his name, the best strategy for X is to know all of his weapons, inside and out. Rising Fire and Sonic Slicer are by far his most useful to deal with airborne enemies.

For crossup potential, if you kill an opponent, fire a LK Frost Shield, do a Boomerang Cutter and immediately tag in your partner (preferably Zero.) Dash behind or quickly get behind where your opponent is incoming, and they would either have to block or get hit by something.

Malamarmalade posted July 12, 2017

^ Yes. He is referred to as X in this game as well as his own series, so please fix that. Also, his Level 3 is called Ultimate Strike. You also forgot that Full-Powered Charge Shot can be done in the air as well, and also missed his other hyper combo, the Special Weapons Rush.


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