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Triborg's Variations

Sektor - The Sektor variation equips Triborg with missiles, a flamethrower, an air-dash with a hitbox, and a teleport uppercut. The missiles are very effective for zoning and frame traps. The teleport uppercut is a great anti-zoning and combo tool. As with the previous title, Sektor is equipped with excellent space controlling abilities and big damage combos.
Cyrax - Triborg while utilizing the Cyrax variation allows for the usage of ground bombs, nets, teleports, buzz saws, and the new hover bombs. The ground bombs are no longer unblockable and must now be blocked low. The combination of bombs is very effective at turning the stage into a minefield for the opponent. Cyrax is very efficient at extending combos through the use of bombs and nets.
Smoke - The Smoke variation is a hybrid of the Human Smoke character that appeared in Mortal Kombat 9 as well as the classic Robot Smoke that appeared in Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3. Triborg is armed with trident spears that function like Scorpion's spear, smoke bombs, teleporting attacks, and an air throw in this variation. Smoke is able to extend combos easily with his trident, smoke bombs, and Enhanced teleport attack. As with Mortal Kombat 9, Smoke is armed with a large amount of anti-zoning tools that make it difficult to fight him from a range.
Cyber Sub-Zero - The Cyber Sub-Zero variation is selected by pressing up twice with variations selected and then pressing 2 (Back Punch). Cyber Sub-Zero is armed with freezing attacks that set up combos, dive kicks, and ice bombs. Like Cyrax, ice bombs are no longer unblockable but they must be blocked low. Cyber Sub-Zero can also augment the damage and properties of his freezing attacks with the usage of drones.
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MEETHEGROUCH posted March 18, 2016


Sektor, Cyrax, Cyber Sub, and Smoke

I may not have the most damaging Kombos for each variation of Triborg. But I feel at home when I use that character or better put those characters. And it's hard to pick which Variation to use because you just want to use them all.

Triborg's setups are fast and instant. If you try to zone them, they will rush you. If you try to rush in, they can zone you. Well balanced in my opinion when it comes to Instant Teleports, Dive Ins or Evasions.

Some are saying they are Overpowered, I just say all around they are good characters with setups that can counter the Opponent.

Not mad about the DLC Characters one bit. Very satisfied but for some reason I still have hope Fujin, Reiko, Shang Tsung, and Shao Kahn in the nearby future make that KP3 aka Story Pack cut if Ed Boon and NRS follow up with it.

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