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Tremor's Variations

Aftershock - Aftershock is all about ground pounds. In this variation, Tremor gains the ability to perform a delayed ground pound attack. After it is activated, the floor will thump a few times before sending out a seismic attack throughout the entire ground that hits low. If Tremor is hit during the countdown, however, it will deactivate the attack. He also gains the ability to fire an air seismic blast that can be shot at different ranges and used either offensively or defensively. Aftershock is for creative players that enjoy using set ups to get their offense going.
Metallic - Metallic gives Tremor the ability to take on two different forms: Lava Skin and Gold Skin. With the Gold Skin active, Tremor's attacks have a gold property to them that makes them behave differently than their normal versions. The largest difference is his Rock Punch, which becomes a projectile. In Lava Skin, all of Tremor's moves gain a lava effect that also gives them different properties. The Rock Punch becomes a short, burst-type projectile that stuns the opponent. This variation gives Tremor players the ability to both zone the opponent out or switch stances and rush them down. The best of both worlds.
Crystalline - Crystalline is the most unique variation of the three. In this variation, Tremor gains a Crystal Skin that, when active, allows him to absorb one hit without being stunned. This allows him to rush in a bit easier and get his offense started. Additionally, with this variation Tremor becomes the first character to summon interactables. With this special move, Tremor brings forth a slab of crystal that he can either throw at the opponent or jump off of. Lastly, the Crystalline variation gives his standard special moves new properties and behavior.
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