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Tanya's Variations

Kobu Jutsu - In Kobu Jutsu, Tanya gains her tonfa weapons. This variation is best equipped for players who enjoy an "in-your-face" play-style. Her tonfa give her access to new normal attacks and special moves, such as her fastest normal attack (B+2), Rekka-style tonfa attacks, and a tonfa throw projectile. She also receives a new air dive attack that helps close distance quickly.
Dragon Naginata - As expected with this variation, Tanya is given her naginata weapon to use in combat. Dragon Naginata gives Tanya access to new normal moves, including the longest ranged normal attack in the game (B+2). When using variation-specific special moves, like her Swing Kick, Tanya will enter an alternate stance in which she sits atop the naginata. When in this staff stance, Tanya gains a handful of new options of attack.
Pyromancer - The Pyromancer variation is the closest to Tanya's old set of MK moves. In it, Tanya has the ability to throw her fireball both on the ground and in the air. Additionally, she can perform her Dark Shroud special move which puts the opponent in a "dusted state," making any fireballs that connect deal significantly more damage (direct or chip) and knockdown.
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