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Sonya's Variations

Covert Ops - The Covert Ops Variation is all about parrying and counter moves. With her parry special move, Sonya can stop oncoming attacks and perform different versions of this defensive maneuver that change the opponent's position on screen, put them into a pop up state, and more. She also gains the ability to transition into her Military Stance, which adds a number of new attacks to her arsenal.
Demolition - In the Demolition Variation, Sonya gains the ability to throw grenades. She is limited to 3 grenades at a time and can toss either stun or frag grenades depending upon the input used. When empty, Sonya can summon a drone that refills her grenade inventory. She also gains a new wake up attack that utilizes the explosives.
Special Forces - Special Forces Sonya relies heavily on strategy. In this Variation, Sonya can summon drones to aid her in battle. The drones can perform a number of different attacks including a homing shot, a quick anti-air blast, a diving low attack, and more. Using drones for mix ups is the name of the game in the Special Forces Variation.
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SqueakyBloom posted May 12, 2015

Sonya Blade Covert Ops Combos

B332, Down Back 2 (Military Stance) 4, 21, Normal Grab. [30%]

X-Ray, F2, Back Forward 4 (Leg Grab). [46%]

Down 4 in the Air (Air Drop), 21, Down Back 2 (Military Stance) 4, Normal Grab. [30%]

Premonished posted May 4, 2015

Sonya's B+1,4,2 string hits overhead, low, overhead which can be hard to block for a lot of people.
Also if you use her B+3,3,2 string it starts low so you can mix-ups those 2 strings to keep your opponent guessing on what your going to do.

In Sonya's covert ops variation military stance can go into a low(3), an overhead (4), or a throw (1). The low and overhead are both extremly punishable on block and the throw is whiff punishable so be careful.

A great bnb for Sonya in Covert Ops Variation - B+3,3,2,Military Stance,4,Walk Forward,B+3,3,2,Leg Grab - 30% Low Starter. You should wait for the 2nd hit of the 2 to get the most damage out of the B+3,3,2.

Sonya's dive kick can lead into full combo but is punishable on block so be carful.

Sonya's EX leg grab and EX arc kick both have armor on them so you can use them to get you out of high pressure situations.

Eeshee posted May 3, 2015

I usually go with Variation B (Demolition). A typical string I use is "y,x,a,b". This knocks the opponent back. I then jump forward and keep ready to hit "down+b" in case then get up. If they don't, I land in front of the enemy and hit "toward+b". This results in a two-kick attack, which sends the enemy further back. I repeat this until the enemy is at the wall. from here i spam "y,x,a,b" and, when the enemy is on the floor, i hit either "y,y" or "y,y,b" which results in a grenade being thrown at the enemy. I repeat this, throwing in a few Arc Kicks, or Leg Grabs.

wingliger posted April 24, 2015

This goes all characters. When trying to punish attacks, if you use a normal move it will come out 1 frame later because recovery from blocking is 1 frame. So trying to punish a move that is -6 will mean you need an attack with 5 frame startup unless its a special attack. Special attacks start up normally because they are reversals.

SqueakyBloom posted April 30, 2015

Sonya's X-Ray: Special Forces can preform a secret Brutality. At the moment the requirements seems to not be 100% confirmed, so this secret brutality seems to be random when it occurs.

Some believe that you have to be Covert Ops, be above 50% health, and hold forward.

SqueakyBloom posted May 12, 2015

Accidental Double Post


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