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Scorpion Mortal Kombat XL artwork

Scorpion Mortal Kombat XL moves


Popularity: Hellfire - 10th, Inferno - 14th, Ninjitsu - 4th MKX Tiers
Tiers: Scorpion Hellfire, Scorpion Inferno, Scorpion Ninjitsu

Scorpion's Variations

Hellfire - In the Hellfire Variation, Scorpion is given unique, fire-related special moves. These special attacks include a high-damage fireball projectile, his Demon Fire attack that summons fire underneath the opponent, and his Flame Aura that deals continual damage to an opponent whenever they come into contact with the fire that surrounds Scorpion.
Inferno - The Inferno Variation harnesses the power of Hell and gives Scorpion the ability to summon a demonic minion to do his bidding. Minion special attacks include an attack coming from behind the opponent, one that rains down from the top of the screen, and a grab that appears beneath the opponent and holds them in place for a short period of time.
Ninjitsu - Scorpion's Ninjitsu Variation excels in both footsies and kombos. Wielding dual swords, Scorpion gains access to new attacks that help him extend kombos.
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SqueakyBloom posted May 12, 2015

Inferno Scorpion Combos

123, Down Back 4 (Minion Grab), Neutral Jump 1, Down Back 1 (Minion Charge), Down 2. [31%]

214, Down Back 3 (Teleport), 21, Down Back 4 (Minion Grab), Jump In 1, 21, Back Forward 1 (Spear), Neutral Jump 1, Down 2. [36%]

Neutral Jump 1, Down Back 1 (Minion Charge), 21, Down Back 4 (Minion Grab), Down 2. [30%]

TheZum posted April 22, 2015

Hellfire Variant

In the Hellfire variant Scorpion gains three new fire-based attacks. The Fire Ball is a projectile attack that can be delayed by holding the attack button. While delaying the attack you can cancel it by pressing Forward or Back twice. This works well against characters trying to zone from a distance with projectiles. Scorpion can cancel his projectile and quickly jump over the opponent's projectile to punish them. You can also cancel it and use a Teleport for punishment if you're too far away.

The Hell Fire is an unblockable attack that comes up from the ground to catch an opponent off-guard. It is possible to jump in order to avoid the attack as soon as an opponent sees it coming, but this is difficult for the average player to do. You can't combo into the attack, but if it connects Scorpion has the advantage and can use it to start applying offensive pressure. This works well against opponents to like to stand around and block.

Finally, the Hellfire variant gives Scorpion the Flame Aura special move. As you may have guessed, this creates an aura of flames around Scorpion that slowly damages an opponent if they're close to him. You can combo into the Flame Aura to gain additional damage from the attack. This is especially useful for corner pressure. If you have an opponent in the corner, combo into the Flame Aura to add a damage over time effect that is difficult to escape while cornered.

Ninjitsu Variant

The main benefit of the Ninjitsu variant is that Scorpion gains some addition basic attacks and extends combos using his swords. The swords also give Scorpion more range on some of his attacks, which can be important in matches against Kung Jin, D'Vorah and other characters have long reach. If you don't need the extended reach or damage boost, Ninjitsu probably isn't the variant for you.


Stop Ahead - Down, Back, Forward, 2 (Mid-Screen)
Who's Next - Down, Back, Forward, Up (Mid-Screen)


Get Over Here - With over 50 percent health remaining, kill the opponent with an enhanced Double Spear (Back, Forward+1+Block, then Block again once the attack connects).

Shirai Ryu Fire - Kil the opponent with an Air Flameport (Down, Back+3+Block in the air).

Just A Scratch - In the Ninjitsu varition, hit the oponentthree times with Downfall (Back+4) during the match, then kill the opponent with Doom Blade (Forward+2).

TheZum posted April 22, 2015

Basic Strategy

Scorpion is what's known as a vortex character. That means he only needs to hit the opponent one time to possibly end the match. A single hit from Scorpion can easily lead into a combo that transitions into a Spear to stun the opponent, then into another combo that can be ended abruptly to start a new combo with a low or overhead attack into another Spear. The opponent must constantly be on their toes, hoping to block the next mix-up and escape the vortex.

While most vortex characters can be extremely dangerous (Scorpion included), there's a lot of risk involved. Scorpion is not a particularly safe character, which means that if the opponent blocks a Spear or your overhead/low mix-up, there's a very good chance they will punish you. It's imperative to continually mix up your attacks to make it harder for your opponent to block.

Inferno Variant

Scoprion's Inferno variant is exceptional at keeping opponents locked down. He gains the use of the Minion Grab, Minion Charge and Minion Drop. These three special moves give Scorpion a wide variety of offensive options. The Minion Grab hits low and stuns an opponent in a similar fashion to Scorpion's Spear. You can cancel into it from almost any combo and use both the Minion Grab and Spear to extend your combos multiple times. It should essentially replace the Takedown as you low special move of choice.

The Minion Charge attacks an opponent from behind and pushes them toward Scorpion. This is best used to catch an opponent off-guard or to punish an opponent from a distance when a Spear would be too slow and you don't want to risk a Teleport. Meanwhile, the Minion Drop is an overhead attack giving Scorpion a full screen mix-up game between Minion Drop (overhead) and Minion Grab (low). It also prevents opponents from ducking in anticipation of a Spear.

ragingkarma posted May 12, 2015

Scorpion's inferno I would say is his best variation. It provides great lockdown on the enemies and provides probably the best vortex character in the game. He provides long combos that can deal upwards of 33% damage. This form also provides all of the long range poke you need.

ljhughes1939 posted May 3, 2015

Multiple-hit moves can be canceled into special moves after the first and/or second hit. For example; Scorpion's forward 2, can cancel into the teleport and the spear. However, this doesn't work for the leg takedown.

wingliger posted April 24, 2015

This goes all characters. When trying to punish attacks, if you use a normal move it will come out 1 frame later because recovery from blocking is 1 frame. So trying to punish a move that is -6 will mean you need an attack with 5 frame startup unless its a special attack. Special attacks start up normally because they are reversals.

Aeon_Genesis posted April 23, 2015

Also with his X-ray you can delay it by holding down both block and stance or you can cancel it by double tapping forward or back and you're capable of teleporting behind your opponent if you input Back after activating it.

TxDarkseid posted April 17, 2015

I'm glad someone else noticed that his spear input is now changed. That's going to take some getting used to.

darthvenom posted April 14, 2015

They changed his Spear input!

iShoryucant posted April 13, 2015

Fatality 2 Whos Next : Down Back Forward Up ( mid )

Solless posted April 7, 2015

Hellfire moves:

Fireball: Down Back 1

Hellfire: Down Back 2

Flame aura: Down Back 4

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