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Reptile Mortal Kombat XL artwork

Reptile Mortal Kombat XL moves


Popularity: Noxious - 29th, Nimble - 24th, Deceptive - 82nd MKX Tiers
Tiers: Reptile Noxious, Reptile Nimble, Reptile Deceptive

Reptile's Variations

Deceptive - Reptile's Deceptive Variation is aptly named. With this Variation, Reptile gains the ability to become invisible. By simply performing the special move, Reptile will vanish to the point where only a clear silhouette is visible. If the button is held down, however, Reptile will completely vanish from sight, making it very difficult to locate him on screen.
Nimble - While using the Nimble Variation, Reptile uses his heightened agility and enhanced senses to seemingly slow down time, increasing his speed and decreasing his opponent's. This mode works very similarly to The Flash's trait in Injustice: Gods Among Us. The slow down has a fairly slow start up and lasts for a short period of time.
Noxious - In the Noxious Variation, Reptile has a small cloud of gas surrounding him at all times. When the gas comes into contact with the opponent, it continually deals small bits of damage, resulting in harder hitting combos and more lethal pressure. This Variation also adds a special move that increases the size of the gas cloud and deals more damage when making contact with the opponent.
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Tips for Reptile

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AdaptiveTrigger posted April 22, 2015

Reptile Tips Part 1

1 - Front Punch, 2 - Back Punch,
3 - Front Kick, 4 - Back Kick
F - Forward, B - Back, D - Down, U - Up

-Reptile is a versatile character capable of rushdown, mix up, and zoning. His 3 variations (Deceptive, Noxious, Nimble) don't radically change his playstyle or match ups as much as other characters so just choose the variation you like the most since Reptile's strategy stays the same throughout all 3 variations.

-Take note that all of Reptile's specials are unsafe on block so only cancel into them if you are sure that they will hit. Luckily, Reptile has great normals to work with in this game.

-Reptile's Reptilian Dash is one of the game's best whiff punishers and a great mobility option for Reptile. Use this move to close space quickly while building a little meter. The start up frames of this move is 8 frames and it covers a lot of space moving forward. Combined with Reptile's great walk speed, you can slowly back off and let the opponent whiff attacks trying to hit you then punish with the dash. Be aware that the Reptilian Dash will only hit grounded opponents but you can still catch landing frames with this move. If the opponent tries to jump at you (on your wake up or otherwise) you have the option to use the Reptilian Dash to escape pressure. The EX version of this move is particularly good because of the combo opportunities it sets up. Simply run after hitting with the EX version and input F2, 1, 1+2 to get an easy 24% damage.

-Reptile has a distinct advantage over most characters in that he has 2 different versions of the same projectile. He has a fast and slow version of his force ball. What does this mean? It means that whereas most characters can only have 1 projectile of a certain type on screen at once, Reptile can technically have 2 of the same type of projectile since he has a slow and fast version of his Force balls. Don't neglect his Acid Spit either.

-Pay attention to how your opponent reacts to your force balls. If you notice that they tend to stand there and try to block them, then time it so that right before the force ball makes contact them, make the input to create another force ball of the opposite speed to create a force ball completely safe and for free. If after blocking a force ball the opponent tries to perform some action, you can hit them with acid spit from full screen for a full screen frame trap (they can still duck and low profile it though). Reptile has the option to burn meter (F,D,B,Block) to cause an on-screen force ball to stop in place. While nifty, this isn't really worth using as there is an option to catch jumpers on the force ball without using meter. As the opponent tries to jump over a force ball, simply use Acid Spit to hit them out of the air. If timed correctly, the opponent will fall backwards onto the force ball they just jumped over allowing you to run or Reptilian Dash over to get a free combo opportunity.

AdaptiveTrigger posted April 22, 2015

Reptile Starter Combos

1 - Front Punch, 2 - Back Punch,
3 - Front Kick, 4 - Back Kick
F - Forward, B - Back, D - Down, U - Up,
MB - Meter Burn, NJP - Neutral Jump Punch

F4,1,2 ~ Reptilian Dash (BF2) (whiffs), F4,1,2 ~ Acid Spit (DF1) = 26%
-8 frame combo starter where second hit is an overhead. Very easy to do. Reverses sides and pushes the opponent away for potential zoning.

F4,1,2 ~ Reptilian Dash (BF2) (whiffs), F2,1,1+2 = 23%
-8 frame combo starter where second hit is an overhead. Timing is a little stricter to get the F2,1 part in. Forces a hard knockdown situation allowing for mix up opportunities.

1,2 ~ Fast Force Ball (BF3), NJP, Jump Punch, F2,1,1+2 = 24%
-Easy to do, but hard to hitconfirm so you have to guess if whether or not your attack will hit.

EX Klaw Swipe (DB2+Block), NJP, Jump Punch, F2,1,1+2 = 23%
-Combo granted whenever you armor through an opponent's attack. Ends in a hard knock down for mix up opportunities. Costs 1 meter.

EX Reptilian Dash (BF2+Block), Run Forward, F2,1,1+2 = 24%
-Fast advancing special that is great for punishing and whiff punishing. Ends in hard knockdown. Costs 1 meter.

F4,1,2 ~ Reptilian Dash (whiffs), F2,1,1+2MB, Step Forward, NJP, Run Forward, F4,1,2 ~ Slide = 35%
-Tricky combo that costs 1 meter but leads to good damage.

F4,1,2 ~ EX Fast Forceball, NJP, Jump Punch, Run, F4,1,2 ~ slide = 31%
-Easy combo that is good to practice running in combos with. Costs 1 meter.

B2, F2,1,1+2MB, NJP, F2,1,1+2 = 26%
-Overhead combo that leads into a hard knock down.

B2, F2,1,1+2MB, NJP, Run , F4,1,2 ~ slide = 30%
-More difficult version of the above combo.

F4,1,2 ~ EX Basilisk Run, slide (x7 times) = 32%
-Nimble variation exclusive combo. Very good for carry the opponent into the corner. Connecting the first slide has very strict timing. Costs 1 meter.

(Corner) F4,1,2 ~ Forceball, Backwards Jump Punch, Forward Jump Kick, F4,1,2 ~ slide = 32%
-Corner Combo.

AdaptiveTrigger posted April 22, 2015

Reptile Tips Part 2

1 - Front Punch, 2 - Back Punch,
3 - Front Kick, 4 - Back Kick
F - Forward, B - Back, D - Down, U - Up

-EX Slide is probably Reptile's best option for getting out of pressure situations (unsafe). In addition to armor, it also comes out in 6 frames making it one of the fastest moves in the game. Use this on your wakeup if you think your opponent will try to pressure you but don't get baited.

-Despite its appearance, Reptile's Klaw Swipe (DB2) is a mid hitting attack and not an overhead. After using block strings with neutral or low negative frames (examples: 1,2; 2,1; F2,1; 3,4) if the opponent tries to pressure you then use the EX version of Klaw Swipe to armor through their attack for a combo opportunity. Once the opponent starts respecting your armor option after block strings, continue to pressure with additional block strings.

-B3,4 is surprisingly quite safe despite its appearance as only the fastest specials in the game can punish this if blocked meaning that most characters don't have the means to punish this at all. Due to its multi-hitting nature, B3,4 is also very effective at breaking through the opponent's attempt to armor through your attack. B3,4 will inflict 16% damage without the use of meter so throw this move out to keep your opponent honest (it also low profiles then covers a lot of vertical space). This is one of Reptile's best low hitting moves.

-B2 is one of the fastest overheads in the game, coming out in 11 frames! It requires Reptile to be very close to the opponent but Reptile also moves backwards while using this move. Reptile is left at +0 frames after this move is blocked (technically +1 vs normals) so the opponent is left at a false sense of security after blocking this attack so it is possible to catch them with the advancing F2,1 or Reptilian Dash (BF2). On hit, you can follow up with a F2,1 or Run, F4,1,2.

-Reptile has a pretty good D3. A low hitting move that comes out in 9 frames, is only -2 on block (technically -1 vs normals), and leaves Reptile at +14 on hit. Use this move often as it allows for a free mix up after hitting the opponent (due to hit advantage). Follow up with B2; B3,4; F4,1,2 (second hit is a fast overhead) B3,EX Klaw Pounce/Swipe; or a grab.

-Reptile has a great D4 as well. At only 12 frame start up, it leaves Reptile at 0 frames on block (technically +1 vs normals) and +25 on hit (the opponent will stagger backwards though). A very high risk maneuver can be performed by inputting Block + Forward + Forward to immediately run towards the opponent after the recovery frames for D4 have ended, however you won't be able to react in time to whether the D4 was a hit or block (this is unsafe on block). Once you reach your opponent, you can pressure with mix up strings (lows and overheads and grabs). Be advised that even on hit your opponent can jump out of this though this requires strict reactions from the opponent and even that can be punished if you predict it.

kakarotto posted April 25, 2015


Jump in 2, F4,1,2 ~ Reptilian Dash (BF2) (whiffs), 2,1, F4,1,2 ~ slide (BF4)

32% in Nimble and Deceptive
33%/35%/37% in Noxious (w/o buff, non ex, ex buff)

AdaptiveTrigger posted April 24, 2015

Edit: Information previously posted was inaccurate.

wingliger posted April 24, 2015

This goes all characters. When trying to punish attacks, if you use a normal move it will come out 1 frame later because recovery from blocking is 1 frame. So trying to punish a move that is -6 will mean you need an attack with 5 frame startup unless its a special attack. Special attacks start up normally because they are reversals.

Cootersneeze posted April 5, 2015

I'm gonna call it here.

Reptile's gonna be pretty high tier early on.

XDIEX posted March 31, 2015

Reptile is all i need!

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