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Raiden's Variations

Thunder God - The Thunder God Variation enhances Raiden's lightning attacks. This allows him to extend and perform combos that are unique only to this Variation. Thus giving Raiden the potential to do more damage.
Displacer - In his Displacer Variation, Raiden gains the ability to teleport to multiple attack zones. This tactic can be used to move into close range, attack from behind, or even escape rushdowns, making Raiden difficult to contain and significantly more mobile.
Master of Storms - The Master of Storms Variation gives Raiden the ability to create lightning traps. These traps can be used defensively or as a method to corner opponents. They can be used to affect wide areas, allowing Raiden to control the entire battlefield.
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Tips for Raiden

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Moanski posted May 12, 2015

Some tips on some of Raiden's better moves

Hammer Fists - Back 2
A great overhead since it hits twice for good damage. After hit, follow up with Electric Fly to take the opponent into the corner. In the corner, perform Hammer Fists twice for a good combo starter.

Thunder God Combo: B2 ~> B2 ~> B3,2 (hold) ~> B3,2 (hold) ~> 2 ~> cancel into Electric Fly. 36% damage with no meter.

Tips for Fighting Raiden:
Hammer Fists is very easy to get caught by, but it is very punishable (-63) on block as Raiden cannot cancel out of the second hit. Always keep an eye out for this attack and his low hitting Back 3 to keep a good defense against him.

Elder Fury - Back 3,2 - Thunder God Variaton
This is one of the best moves in the game. The low hitting Back 3 commonly connects. The punch that follows can be held for extra damage. On hit, the lighting pops the opponent into the air and you can follow up with an Electric Fly that carries the opponent to the corner. In the corner, this move is great for extending combos. On block, this move is safe and builds a ton of meter.

wingliger posted April 24, 2015

This goes all characters. When trying to punish attacks, if you use a normal move it will come out 1 frame later because recovery from blocking is 1 frame. So trying to punish a move that is -6 will mean you need an attack with 5 frame startup unless its a special attack. Special attacks start up normally because they are reversals.

mr0z posted April 23, 2015

RESET COMBO ENDER (or combo linker): Forked Lightning (Back 1,4)This combo ender (or applied in a combo string) can ben cancel into any Special Moves (Lightning, Electrocute ,Electric Fly,Vicinity Blast) but if you do not cancel it this move you will put oponent back from jugle state into standing state. If you do this in corner puting back opponent into standing state will put you in mix up sitation. Be creative ether go for over head, low attack, grab or block string to make him press buttons to catch him with an Ex move to start new combo from it.

Sry for my bad English!!

PS: Search TONY-T Raiden or GGA|Dizzy on youtube to put an image to all this !!

mr0z posted April 23, 2015



MAX DAMAGE POKE STRING: 2,1,4 (Distant Thunder) and 4 is a low (2,1,3 is a free jugle combo starter).

QUICK LOW: Back 3,3 ( this can become back 3,4 for safe poke string if block) (First and second hit can be link to any Special Moves)


DOUBLE OVERHEAD : back 4 (VERY GOOD for corner pressure) second hit of the overhead goes foward slightly (great tool to use when opponent is knockdown)


ELECTROCUTE(down,foward 2): This is Raiden best combo ender for MAX DAMAGE. This move cannot be place in all combo situation but EX version can grab oppoent from any combo situation and will put back into jungle state. EX-version is one of the best tool to creat 90% of all raidens setup's and damage.

RAIDENS BEST TOOL/FRIEND Forked Lightning(Back 1,4):
This is Raiden's best friend i cannot focus more the options in this tips section from how you can use this move to cancel into special moves and reset possibilities. see all other sections to see how to use it !!! :D


LIGHTNING(down,back 1): This is Raiden's Projectile. On block EX version is +13. If you link it in combo with Forked Lightning(Back 1,4) and it hits you will be frame advantage if block you are KINDA safe (some character can punish this setup)

BEST WAY To link Projectile move: Forked Lightning(Back 1,4)

Displacer Variation or Master of Storm: Best string to link projectile move is with Forked Lightning (Back 1,4). Ex version on block is +13 this can creat a great situation in corner or mid screen for free pressure.

ThunderGod Variation: In this variation you can hold down 1 to charge projectile and even dash cancel it. This means if you hit EX-ELECTROCUTE (down,foward 2-BLOCK) you can link Forked Lightning(Back 1,4) to projectile and dash foward cancel it and resume combo (this is one of Raiden's hardest setup in combos to do but can creat Deadly mix up or mid screen damage possibilities.

KNOCK DOWN MID SCREEN (1 METER)40%+ : Run to Knockdown Opponent or if already near a Knockdown opponent

Displacer Variation or Master of Storm: 3,4(4 is overhead)
then quickly(1 or 2 frames to do the follow up) do foward 2,2-4 (Need opponent to be jugle at high point of jugle state)
(2-4 is both button at the same time, this move will jugle opponent if in Displacer Variation or Master of Storms but not in Thunder God) then Forked Lightning(Back 1,4) to EX-ELECTROCUTE(down,foward 2-Block) from EX-ELECTROCUTE apply a combo ender (40%+) or a reset (see RESET COMBO ENDER section).

I_am_the_apocalypse posted April 22, 2015

Raiden's Master of Storms static traps seems like a very good move, with the static trap staying active for 15 seconds you can push your opponent away from the trap and they will most likely forget about it in which you can throw another trap activating the link which is good for catching your opponent off guard, it can also be used to frustrate your opponent by not giving them the opportunity to set any real damaging combos up by simply activating the links and staying in them and throwing out more

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