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MKXL > Predator
Predator Mortal Kombat XL artwork

Predator Mortal Kombat XL moves


Popularity: Warrior - 95th, Hunter - 39th, Hish-Qu-Ten - 26th MKX Tiers
Tiers: Predator Warrior, Predator Hunter, Predator Hish-Qu-Ten

Predator's Variations

Warrior - In Warrior, Predator uses attacks that would be familiar to those who've seen the first movie. The vicious alien is granted the ability to use a powerful back fist special move, along with a jumping slam attack that hits overhead and can hit at different distances. Warrior is best for rushdown players who enjoy mixing up their offense with high/low. He also gets access to a timed self-destruct special move that leads into a juggle combo when successfully hit.
Hunter - With the Hunter variation, Predator becomes exactly that: a hunter. He becomes able to toss out floor laser traps that scoop the opponent up and hang them in the air if they step on it. These can be thrown at different distances in order to better lock down the opponent, and not only do the traps leave the opponent open to a full combo, but they can be combo-ed into as well. Traps can also be detonated for a small, quick explosion.
Hish-Qu-Ten - In this variation, Predator wears his black mask, but that's not the only thing that makes him different than the others. Hish-Qu-Ten grants Predator access to his plasma blaster and with it, he can fire a straight, low, and high projectile. He can also hold the blast, which brings out a laser sight that can be moved in each of the aforementioned directions until it is released and fire or cancelled. Players that prefer to keep their opponents at a distance will favor this variaiton.
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