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Leatherface's Variations

Killer - The Killer variation is centered around the Berserker Stance. Once in this stance -- indicated by Leatherface revving the chainsaw -- he can activate three different moves: a running chainsaw stab, a 3-hit overhead attack, and an unblockable. Activating Berserker Stance also has the ability to negate projectiles, if timed correctly. Both the running stab and unblockable can be cancelled early for further mix ups.
Butcher - The Butcher variation focuses mainly on rushdown as Leatherface gains a quick, leaping hammer attack that hits overhead and covers a lot of ground. He is also granted the ability to perform a command throw that staggers the opponent and is one of the fastest command grabs in the game. Two new chainsaw special moves are also added to his repertoire in this variation, both of which seem to work well as combo enders.
Pretty Lady - Despite his brawler nature, the Pretty Lady variation switches things up and makes Leatherface a formidable zoning character. This variation allows the Horror icon to toss chainsaws across screen. He can throw them horizontally -- both high and low -- and while in the air. His air chainsaws can be thrown both diagonally down-forward or straight for optimal space control.
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raverkiddie posted August 11, 2016

Combo (killer)
f1,2,Berserker Stance1 (EX)F1,1,2,Chain Sparks,f1,2,Psycho Kutter (40%)

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