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MKXL > Kitana > Assassin Strike - Assassin

Kitana's Assassin Strike Mortal Kombat XL

Assassin Strike
8.7 of 10
Assassin Impale
7.5 of 10
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PersonaUser posted April 22, 2015

I forgot to mention this is a good wake up option considering its speed. Also if you choose to spend a bar of meter the EX version has a hit of armor so you don't have to worry too much about being stopped by an attack.

PersonaUser posted April 21, 2015

Assassin Strike functions as a great combo ender and punish move, the move doesn't scale a lot too, which helps add on extra damage at the end of a combo. It can also be used to punish unsafe strings or moves if you are at a distance and unable to get a full combo punish in time.

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