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MKXL > Kitana > Throat Slice - Special Moves

Kitana's Throat Slice Mortal Kombat XL

Throat Slice
9 of 10
Throat Slash
9.3 of 10
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Killa_byte007 posted April 24, 2015

This move is a fast pace, high damage dealing move. It's range is excellent and is excellent for players that love rushing down opponents. It can be used as a great combo ender to short amd long combos alike. The EX version has much more armour and does a significant amount of damage. This assists here zoning game well and helps Kitana get in qquickly without having to give up stamina for a run.

moss224 posted April 23, 2015

A solid combo ender as well as a useful footsie and wakeup tool kitana's throat slice is a powerful weapon in her arsenal. Ex has a hit of armor but it's usually not necessary because this move is so fast. Also this move is excellent because kitana can just sit back and zone afterwards or continue her pressure if you decide to run.

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