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MKXL > Kitana > Rising Fan - Special Moves

Kitana's Rising Fan Mortal Kombat XL

Rising Fan
8.3 of 10
Rising Blades
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Tips for Kitana's Rising Fan
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moss224 posted May 2, 2015

This move has great anti air properties as well as reversal properties. You have better options to end combos with. The ex version is armored and can be used many ways. One over looked way is if one of kitana's strings are blocked you can input this lat (don't cancel it) for a frame trap. It's also a good wake up.

Killa_byte007 posted April 24, 2015

This move is a great anti air and is quick. Its not safe but just as a Shoryuken expect it to happen as a reversal if your against Kitana. Its nowhere near safe on block and shouldn't be used for much more then an anti-air or punish. The EX version hits 2x and also has armor this is much more for a reversal on wakeup then its normal counter part. But using it often as a wakeup reversal isn't recommended because it is most definitely meter consuming. The EX version seems to be much more of a combo ender then an extender.

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