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MKXL > Kitana > Fan Throw (Var. A/B only) - Special Moves

Kitana's Fan Throw (Var. A/B only) Mortal Kombat XL

Fan Throw (Var. A/B only)
9 of 10
Fan Toss
8 of 10
Air Fan Throw
7.7 of 10
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Tips for Kitana's Fan Throw (Var. A/B only)
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zombiebrian posted May 25, 2015

-10 on block meaning its not 100% safe on block but its safe-ish. It has a poor recovery and it only hits mid meaning it can be ducked. The truth is it isnt the best projectile but its great in combos. The instant air version is useful but no where near as good as mk9.

EX version is good for combos in the corner but not especially great for zoning.

PersonaUser posted April 30, 2015

The fan can turn some unsafe strings into safe strings. Input the fan throw at the end of a blocked string, and as long as your opponent is blocking you will be safe; however, if instead of blocking your opponent crouches (without block)at the end of the actual string the fan will go right over their head leaving you open to a punish. So if you are playing high level players and you abuse the fan to make block strings safe they could read you and crouch then punish so make sure you vary this tactic.

moss224 posted April 23, 2015

a solid projectile for kitana as well as a combo starter. This is a better move to start combos with than her fan tornado for damage reasons.

EDIT: after spending come time with the character I can easily say that fan throw is one of the best projectiles in the game. This move becomes increasingly good when you learn to throw the air fan close to the ground. This is an incredibly useful skill because it has a better hit box this way (it will stop jump ins more) as well as coming out faster. The ex version can be juggled into int the corner for combos up to 40% and higher.

PersonaUser posted April 21, 2015

This one of the better projectiles (it's no kano knife though) not necessarily due to speed but because on hit it is easy to convert into combos especially if the opponent lands on the fan mid air, since they will be left suspended for a bit.

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