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MKXL > Kitana
Kitana Mortal Kombat XL artwork

Kitana Mortal Kombat XL moves list, strategy guide, combos and character overview


Popularity: Mournful - 59th, Assassin - 2nd, Royal Storm - 8th MKX Tiers
Tiers: Kitana Mournful, Kitana Assassin, Kitana Royal Storm

Kitana's Variations

Royal Storm - In her Royal Storm Variation, Kitana deploys her regal stature defensively. Kitana is able to utilize her Square Wave while airborne to escape dangerous situations and gains a reflect that bounces projectiles back to her opponent. Her Fan Lift also generates a tornado of energy that travels across the ground, allowing Kitana to lift and suspend her opponent from a greater distance.
Assassin - The Assassin Variation allows Kitana to tap into her training at Shao Kahn's hand, turning her into a vicious rushdown kombatant. Assassin Kitana gains a parry that triggers a series of brutal backstabs to the opponent and can sharpen her bladed fans to increase their damage. She is also able to utilize her training as an assassin to quickly cover distance and acrobatically attack her victim with her Assassin Rush.
Mournful - Mournful Kitana honors Jade, her fallen best friend, by wielding her weaponry. Employing the weapons of the deceased master assassin, Mournful Kitana can throw her glaive in multiple directions from the ground or while airborne. She can guide her glaive while in flight to further confuse her opponent. Kitana also gains access to the extendable staff, allowing the use of klassic Jade special attacks.
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Tips for Kitana

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AerBourne116 posted May 28, 2015

Kitana has always been my favorite character. I normally play 3D, mainly Tekken. Transitioning to 2D was hard. I like to combo so naturally I went between Assassin and Royal Storm. However, Mournful is actually a GREAT variation for Kitana with high damaging combos. Just thinking, try 2,1/ EX Glaive Throw (df+1EX) / f+4,3/ f+4,3/ 2,1/ Fan Lift (db1)/ db3. That should be somewhere between 30-33%. I have just started using this variation and it's awesome.

Here's some more combos on HurtboxTV YouTube channel.

SeriphAngel posted May 13, 2015

Some helpful videos I have made. Hope you enjoy. (Royal Storm Combos) (Safe Sharpen Combos) (Gender Specific Combo Starter)

SqueakyBloom posted May 11, 2015

Combos for Kitana's Assassin Variation. While these combos are meant for Assassin, you can use these in Royal Storm if you substitute Assassin Strike (Down Back 3) for Throat Slice (Back Forward 3) or, in some cases, a standard uppercut (Down 2).

Damage Key [Normal Total Damage/Sharpened Total Damage]

212, Sharpen (Down Forward 4). Use this to combo into Sharpen. This string can only be followed up by Sharpen, so make use of it. This is the safest way to activate Sharpen. [8%N/12%S]

I recommend using meter on Meter Burn Sharpen since it will last longer and allow for the following combos to reach maximum possible damage.

F43, 21, Upraise (Down Back 1), Forward Jump Kick, Fan Throw (Down Forward 1), Fan Throw (Down Forward 1), Assassin Strike (Down Back 3). [24%N/37%S]

F22, Upraise (Down Back 1), Forward Jump Kick, Fan Throw (Down Forward 1), Fan Throw (Down Forward 1), Assassin Strike (Down Back 3). [31%N/39%S]

F112, Fan Throw (Down Forward 1), Forward Jump Kick, Fan Throw (Down Forward 1), Assassin Strike (Down Back 3).[30%N/40%S]

Neutral Jump 1, F22, Fan Throw (Down Forward 1), Forward Jump Kick, Fan Throw (Down Forward 1) Assassin Strike (Down Back 3) [28%N/39%S]

Neutral Jump 1, F22, Upraise (Down Back 1), Forward Jump Kick, Fan Throw (Down Forward 1), Fan Throw (Down Forward 1), Assassin Strike (Down Back 3) [26%N/36%S]

X-Ray Damage [35%N/42%S]

Premonished posted May 4, 2015

Kitana's fastest punish comes from her 1,1 and can lead into full combo for all her variations. An example combo for this punish in her Royal Storm is 1,1,Fan-Nado,F+4,3~F+4,3~3,Fan Throw,Dash,Jump Kick,Air Fan Throw,Dash,Jump Kick,Square Wave Boost.

Kitana's B+1,4 and F+3,3,4 is 0/+1 on block which can lead to some mix-ups. After either of those you can push D+1 if you think the opponent will try to jump or poke back, or you can go for a forward or back grab if you think they will block.

Kitana's fan throw on the ground and in the air can both lead into combo if the opponent jumps into them. If they do you can throw more fans for unbreakable damage, or run up to them with a F+4,3 into different enders for more damage.

Kitana's B+2 hits overhead and could be thown out from time to time to catch an opponent crouch blocking. It also catches backdashes on wake up too.

Kitana's F+2,1 has decent range and can be used to get a combo if you see your opponent running at you. You can do this by going into upraise from the F+2,1.

Kitana's EX Throat Slice has armor and is available in all her variations making it a great tool to get her out of high pressure situations.

wingliger posted April 24, 2015

This goes all characters. When trying to punish attacks, if you use a normal move it will come out 1 frame later because recovery from blocking is 1 frame. So trying to punish a move that is -6 will mean you need an attack with 5 frame startup unless its a special attack. Special attacks start up normally because they are reversals.

drum_kl posted April 22, 2015


1. I haven't tried it for all the characters but you can end a combo with a grab if they opponent is falling from a juggle. For example, catch an opponent in the air with her fan, land dash forward and just before they hit the ground you can grab. Potentially you could meter burn the grab to put them in to stun state and continue the combo, but honestly my execution sucks and I cannot get this consistently.

2. Weakness - I have yet to find a good low hitting normal to start a combo or cancel in to a special move. Down 3 has a very, very, very, limited range but, if you connect I highly suggest cancelling in to fan lift so you can start a combo. Other than that use her Back1-4. First hit is mid and the second hit is low. You can combo in to any special move after 4 connects, even if back1 whiffs. I suggest whiffing Back1 because start up is a little slow. Each hit of this combo moves her forward just a bit, and the 4 has good enough range to be useful.

As a reminder, I'm just a casual player coming over from Street Fighter to try something new. Feel free to correct any or comment on any of the information I provided. I hope this helps anyone looking to play this variation.

drum_kl posted April 22, 2015

I'm new to playing MK seriously. Coming from a SF back ground.

There is a lot to learn. Dial-a-combo, unblockable special moves, block button, and not being able to punish moves that look like they can be punished. All gripes but all part of learning a new game.

1. Don't lose your cool. Spend time in training mode to figure out your normals, find punishes, and work on execution.

2. Stop yelling at the game! It isn't and won't be SF. Don't expect to play it as such.

For Kitana.Saving meter for the X-Ray for me has been hit or miss. Depending on the situation she will sometimes pass over or through the opponent when using the x-ray and if the last hit does not connect then there will be no xray animation and no damage.

This information is specifically for her Variation B, where she gets sharpen.

Sharpen - Does not last long, but it is great because it adds a few percent worth of damage for every move that involves her fans. Whether it is a combo string or a special move. Using this can mean the difference between a 30% damage combo to a 38-40% damage combo. And based on my time, playing a few percent can mean the difference between a win and a loss. It is best used after a hard knock down. As soon as you knock the opponent down, and before they get up activate sharpen and then go for your mix up.

Princess parry - honestly I have not had much use for it. Start up seems a little slow, especially compared to Sonya's counter. This is not a reaction move (meaning you do it as soon as you see your opponent do a move), or I'm just not fast enough to react. You really need to read the player and anticipate when they will be using a normal in order to get it out in time to connect. Also as far as I can tell it does not counter low hits. IT DOES NOT PARRY/REFLECT PROJECTILES.

Assassin strike - my favorite move! Scary fast start up, also adds 1 hit of armor. With armor she will absorb one hit before the move is interrupted. This can be used at close range to break through an aggressive combo string, or it can be used to close the gap from full screen if someone is spamming projectiles. I cannot tell you how many times this catches opponents off guard, it reminds me of USF4 abel's ultra one, full screen projectile invincibility to punish projectiles SURPRISE! It's also great because once the move is finished it puts her back in to mid/close range where she needs to be for this variation.You can also use it if timed properly to catch opponents if they are falling out of the air after a juggle.

Nasty_40 posted April 14, 2015

Kitana is a beast. She's ruthless like Shao Kahn n she gets to kick butt with jades staff. She's always been my number 1 character

Draconian posted April 13, 2015

Awesome Kitana =D!

Lilith posted March 31, 2015

Looks good. Gonna main her again...since MK2.

Almighty_Omega posted March 12, 2015

Kitana is going to be killer. Still mad about JADE.


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