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Johnny Cage's Variations

Fisticuffs - Fisticuffs (A): In the Fisticuffs Variation, Johnny becomes a rushdown style of fighter. He gains access to his Flip Kick special move and can power up his punch attacks resulting in increased chip damage. Additionally, when his health is low and in danger, all of Johnny Cage's special moves that contain a green aura become red and sustain a considerable damage increase.
Stunt Double - Although Johnny loses his Flip Kick in the Stunt Double Variation, to compensate, he gains the ability to create two shadow versions of himself and store them. The shadow versions are used to perform any of Johnny's physical special moves, leaving the actual Johnny free to do as he pleases. In Stunt Double, his classic projectile changes, gaining a straight trajectory rather than the arc.
A-List - A fighting style that relies on trickery, the A-List Variation allows Johnny to charge his special moves and dash cancel out of them. His Nut Punch attack also gains a delayed Meter Burn property which allows Johnny to MB after the initial hit lands. This makes for easier hit confirms and can turn unsafe situations into safe ones.
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wingliger posted April 24, 2015

This goes all characters. When trying to punish attacks, if you use a normal move it will come out 1 frame later because recovery from blocking is 1 frame. So trying to punish a move that is -6 will mean you need an attack with 5 frame startup unless its a special attack. Special attacks start up normally because they are reversals.

akillyz posted April 22, 2015

I main A - List Johnny, easily the best of the three if you're looking for the classic rushdown style.

PLEASE check my tip on F+3

I_am_the_apocalypse posted April 22, 2015

The Moves are scattered around in the wrong variations

ArkticDark posted April 22, 2015

TIP: You can include the input of a command normal as the beginning of your special move input so that you can cancel that command normal into the special move with less inputs. You don't need to hit back+2 and then input back again, forward+4 to cancel Johnny Cage's back+2 command normal into Shadow Kick. You can just input back+2 into forward+4 and the game will cancel the back+2 command normal into Shadow Kick...

Also if a string combo ends with a directional ending, you can use that input as the beginning of a special move input, just as stated above to make canceling specials from string combos easier with less inputs.

Johnny Cage was just an example, this will work for every character in a situation where you wanna cancel a directional command normal into a special move that has a matching beginning input direction as that command nornal.

Except for command normals that do not cancel at all, like every down+2 or every back+4... Some moves just cannot be canceled out of...

EGP_Awesomo posted April 22, 2015

So Johnny Cage may is an offensive frame trap monster(specifically in A-List), just lie mk9 he has alot of great normals and strings that are neutral on block, but the stars of his arsenal are his d3(really good for up close pressure) his d4(very deceptive hitbox, also lowers his hurtbox so it can be used to low profile normals, jump ins, etc) both of these are very plus on hit so they can be used as a way to get in for your mix ups, his go to footsies tools are f24(overhead launcher that is safe on block) f4(safe launcher) and f34(safe on block against most of the cast and has very good reach). His main anti-airs are d2(very good hitbox just like in mk9 and can be followed up with a f3 knee in the corner off an anti-air) and f4(has tighter timing to beat anti-airs than d2 but can be followed up with a f24 1(or 12 if your execution is decent) into f3xx nut punch. Kinda like smoke in mk9 his pressure is more around making your opponent fear your overhead so condition them with throws, d3 and d4. If you have meter you can confirm f24 on block into ex forceballs(+5 on block) so you can get a free d1 check right after, once they respect the d1 be sure to with a f24 or a d3 and repeat. Once you have your opponent to scared to mash out be sure to abuse 113 and 11 > f24 to mix them up, 11 starts as a high so it wont really work effectively until they resect your f24. In A-list and Fisticuffs his forceballs have very fast recovery so they make for good full screen pressure so in an ideal situation you can zone with forceballs and when they try to get it space them out with d4 and f3 into whatever offense you want to get going, thats the basic jist of how johnny cage

hotpinkfighter posted April 13, 2015

Here's Johnny! My main since the first mk.


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