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MKXL > Jax > L.A.W. Rocket - Heavy Weapons

Jax's L.A.W. Rocket Mortal Kombat XL

L.A.W. Rocket
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Tips for Jax's L.A.W. Rocket
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I-heart-Chunli posted November 11, 2016

Jax (blush)

Ghrrk posted April 28, 2015

When playing Heavy Weapons, you can use the rocket as a zoning alternative after landing a knockdown. Time it so it hits as a meaty and you can catch people unprepared for an easy 11%. If they block it does decent chip damage as well.

You'll usually never want to try two rockets in a row, as its got a fairly slow start and long recovery. To continue zoning after a rocket, try using the machine gun. Note that since the rocket is only one hit, moves with armor will still travel through it!

Killa_byte007 posted April 22, 2015

This move isn't the best for zoning. Its startup is slow and it is -22 on block. although it can be dashed cancelled its not something you want to be throwing out regularly.

barrygary33 posted April 22, 2015

The rocket gives Jax some incredible tools, and it might make heavy weapons the best Jax variant. As a projectile its fairly good, hits mid and does decent (11% damage). It can also be delayed or aimed upwards which further adds to the zoning potential. The regular rocket is very unsafe at -22 on block, but the EX version is only -5.

The real value in the rocket is that it can be dash canceled, which means it can also be run canceled. You can use this to run cancel out of his strings and continue his pressure even at midscreen. B3 (low) xx rocket xx run cancel 11 actually combos on hit, which is kind of crazy. It can also lead to tricky midscreen mindgames, where you show rocket on the opponents wake up, then run up and throw.

Credit to KH Scar and Hitbox Tyrant for the rocket cancelling tech.

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