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Jax's Gotcha Grab Mortal Kombat XL

Gotcha Grab
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Tips for Jax's Gotcha Grab
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Ghrrk posted April 28, 2015

When playing in Heavy Weapons or Wrestler variations, you can throw in regular gotcha grabs at the end of strings to make the strings safe, as gotcha grab is -4 on block. This has the added bonus of catching your opponent if he unblocks, uses a normal move, or tries to jump.

When close, try using gotcha grab after down 1,2 or other quick jab normals such as 1,1 / Back 1,1 / 1,2 etc. This moves Jax in, hits quickly and will be safe. You don't need to cancel every string, but its great to mix it up and catch your opponent off guard. Alternatively, within jab range you can throw out a random gotcha grab sometimes for the same reasons.

From a slight distance try using forward+3 or forward+4 and cancel into Gotcha Grab. Great way to move in as many people don't expect to get hit from a normal at that range.

Gotcha grab is a perfect tool for Jax, moving your opponent towards the corner where Jax has huge combo damage.

Spending one bar on EX Gotcha Grab does more damage and knocks your opponent higher into the air, allowing for huge corner combo damage when followed up.

barrygary33 posted April 22, 2015

In the corner, EX gotcha grab (GG) hits the opponent high enough to lead to a follow up juggle (except in pumped variant). You can do Jax's 11, 12, or 24 strings after an EX GG. I find the 24 to be most consistent for me, since the second hit connects low in case I timed it a bit late.

EX GG is also a surprisingly good anti air, as it does have armor.

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