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Jax's Energy Wave Mortal Kombat XL

Energy Wave
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Tips for Jax's Energy Wave
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Shackzam posted May 12, 2015

Jax's energy wave is one of his best pressure tools because of how it is +8 on block and causes amazing frame traps and mix-ups for Jax if you are able to get your opponent to get hit or block this move. It is also pretty decent to zone people out if you don't feel like rushing them down immediately. The EX version of this move isn't as useful in block strings because of how negative it is on block, but it does fire a second shot that is a mid and stops your opponents crouching approach since you can duck the regular version of this move.

This move doesn't have much combo potential, but can help open people up to all of Jax's mix-ups that can lead to very big damage. Like doing forward 21 and cancelling into energy wave can leave you very positive on block.

One of the main problems of this move is that it is duckable and could cause for there to be holes in your rushdown gameplan, but if you are able to mix it up with other strings like back 34 you can keep your opponent locked down in a lot of situations for some beefy Jax damage.

P.S. These types of mix-ups are for wrestler and pumped up

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