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MKXL > Jax > Air Raid - Kombo Attacks

Jax's Air Raid Mortal Kombat XL

Air Raid
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Shackzam posted May 12, 2015

This is hands down one of Jax's best strings and can be the bane in your opponents side from how good this string is. It travels so far and is great for whiff punishing and even when it is blocked it's 0 on block which makes this string great for pressuring your opponent.

You can special cancel this string and make your mix-up even deadlier by switching it up between going for energy wave pressure since that move is pus on block. Or going for strings like b34 which is a starting low string. There are so many things you can do from this string it is crazy not to use it.

You can also confirm so many things from this string. It can help you confirm into full combos, it makes converting from air-to-airs easy as pie and you still get beefy damage from it without using meter. There are so many applications for this string that I wouldn't be able to list them all. This string is also a pretty chase down on people jumping back and can be a situational anti air that leads into a full corner carry combo.

The only thing to be careful with this string is whiffing it and being punished for it. It can also make your approach a little weird because you can go right under someones jump and you'll be on the other side, which could be bad depending on what part of the screen you are on.

Ghrrk posted April 28, 2015

This has got to be one of Jax's best normal strings, hands down. It moves him very far forward, is incredibly easy to hit confirm off of, and does solid damage. It is used in some of his more difficult combos as an extension and for corner carry. Every Jax player needs to become familiar with this move, its just that good!

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