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MKXL > Jax
Jax Mortal Kombat XL artwork

Jax Mortal Kombat XL moves list, strategy guide, combos and character overview


Popularity: Pumped Up - 46th, Wrestler - 51st, Heavy Weapons - 83rd MKX Tiers
Tiers: Jax Pumped Up, Jax Wrestler, Jax Heavy Weapons

Jax's Variations

Heavy Weapons - The Heavy Weapons Variation does exactly what it sounds like it would: gives Jax access to heavy weapons in battle. Jax comes equipped with a rocket launcher (that can shoot straight or up-forward) and a machine gun that starts up fairly fast. Heavy Weapons Jax is given the tools needed to zone his opponents out.
Pumped Up - With the Pumped Up Variation selected, Jax players are given new follow-up attacks for the Gotcha Grab. Different buttons will unleash different attacks, leaving the opponent in a variety of positions (knocked down, staggered, etc.). Jax also gains the ability to perform his Ground Pound while jumping.
Wrestler - Wrestler Jax trades in his long-range firearms for new grappling abilities. In this Variation, Jax gains access to a new command throw. This is a multi-hit command throw, and the Meter Burn version allows Jax to hit up to four follow-ups. He also receives an air throw that can be combo-ed into and mid-combo throws on the ground that can set up tricky mix-ups.
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Tips for Jax

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I-heart-Chunli posted November 7, 2016

Jax is amazing

adam64 posted April 9, 2016

Adding the klassic fatalities in would be great😜

Capone posted May 3, 2015

How do u do the breakers instead of cray

wingliger posted April 24, 2015

This goes all characters. When trying to punish attacks, if you use a normal move it will come out 1 frame later because recovery from blocking is 1 frame. So trying to punish a move that is -6 will mean you need an attack with 5 frame startup unless its a special attack. Special attacks start up normally because they are reversals.

ragingkarma posted April 22, 2015

Jax is a character than one should consider due to his high damage to combo ratio. It does start strong but does drop out but still deadly. His dash punch provides a good overhead if you hold down and a great combo finisher. His got you grab is another good finish that can add a decent amount of damage to his kit even just using it without comboing into it can be a great way to reset the battlefield to your favor or put and aggressive enemy that pushed himself out of the corner back to the corner. His ground pound is not that great as you have to measure the distance except for the pumped up variation. Energy wave is another awesome move to zone your opponents or to play a fireball game with. Major pain, his last move, provides a decent anti air is pretty much a dash punch but upwards. I recommend jax to anyone who loves the in your face gameplay.

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