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Goro's Variations

Kuatan Warrior - In the Kuatan Warrior Variation, Goro gains access to his classic Ground Pound special move and the Chest Charge.
Dragon Fangs - Goro comes eqiupped with bladed weapons that he wears on his hands. In this Variation, the half-man, half-dragon gains access to a number of new special moves and normals, including a low poke that can knock the opponent down.
Tigrar Fury - The Tigrar Fury Variation utilizes Goro's dragon half and focuses mainly on his ability to breath fire. In this Variation, Goro can use both his Dragon Breath and Flame Ball special moves.
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Tips for Goro

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TheZum posted April 22, 2015

Goro is a beast in every since of the word. Many of his best combos are safe, and most of his good special moves are also safe. You can throw out almost anything you want and it will be relatively safe so long as the opponent blocks the attack (if it misses completely you'll still be in trouble). You should cancel most combos into the Punch Walk because it's safe if the opponent blocks but deals decent chip damage. If the combo hits, cancel into Fist Flurry instead so you can follow with a juggle.

The Barbarian Blow combo (Back+1,2, Up+2) leads to an immediate juggle that can be followed by any number of options. While the combo is safe if the opponent blocks all three hits, a skilled player can interrupt between the second and third attacks with anything up to a 7-frame attack or most enhanced special moves that have armor. To prevent this from happening you can use the Blood and Thunder combo (Back+1,2,1) or cancel into the Punch Walk.

The Unfair Advantage combo (Forward+2,1, Back+2) starts with Double Slap (Forward+2) which isn't the fastest attack, but covers a decent amount of range. From max range this isn't a bad attack to use. The full combo leaves Goro at 0-frames, which means it's neutral ground with the opponent. However, Goro's Low Knuckles (Down+1) is one of the fastest attacks in the game, which means he can beat out almost anything the opponent can do after blocking Unfair Advantage. If Low Knuckles hits, follow it with an attack of combo of your choice, and if it's blocked Goro is still safe from punishment.

Once you've trained your opponent to stop trying to attack after blocking Unfair Advantage, you can get more create with your follow-up options. For example, you can follow it with the Shokan Grab in case the opponent is just blocking, Undefeated (3, Down+3) which is a high attack quickly followed by an overhead, or use any of Goro's low attacks as a nice mix-up option for Undefeated.

Spine Adjustment (X-Ray)

Like most other X-Ray attacks in the game, Goro's X-Ray has armor allowing you to blow through attacks and still connect the X-Ray. While it's not the fastest X-Ray in the game, you can combo into it if the opponent is in the air. For example, you can use the Barbarian Blow combo (Back+1,2, Up+2) to knock an opponent into the air, then follow it immediately with the X-Ray for an easy 40 percent damage combo.

wingliger posted April 24, 2015

This goes all characters. When trying to punish attacks, if you use a normal move it will come out 1 frame later because recovery from blocking is 1 frame. So trying to punish a move that is -6 will mean you need an attack with 5 frame startup unless its a special attack. Special attacks start up normally because they are reversals.

TheZum posted April 22, 2015


Speed Bag - Win the match in two rounds, killing the opponent with the Shokan Grab (Down, Back, Forward+3) or Shokan Slam (Down, Back, Forward+3+Block), holding Forward during the attack animation.

Krush - With the opponent blocking, kill them with a Krush (Down, Up+Block)

Chest Bump - In the Kuatan Warrior variation, perform five forward dashes (Forward, Forward) during the match, then with over 50 percent health kill the opponent with a Chest Lunge (Back, Forward+2) or Chest Charge (Back, Forward+2+Block).

Tail Spin - In the Dragon Fangs variation, kill the opponent with the Dragon Spin (Down, Back+2+Block), but only the third hit of the Dragon Spin can connect, the first two hits have to miss the opponent.

Shokan Flame - In the Tiger Fury variation, stand close to the opponent and kill them with the Dragon Torch (Back, Forward+2+Block), holding 2 during the attack animation.

Ponydood posted April 22, 2015

Goro can meter burn his walk punch three times good juggle combo.

NicoMontano posted April 21, 2015

Need literally all the Goro tech humanly possible for this character?

Check out my Channel, I have Goro variation combo videos, Goro max damage, Goro 50/50s, and Goro option selects.

Candyman5OS posted April 17, 2015

I managed to do some easy beginner combos for Goro. Heres a link:

Remember these are basic ones that are not near complete, just ones to help get your feet wet a little.


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