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MKXL > Ferra/Torr
Ferra/Torr Mortal Kombat XL artwork

Ferra/Torr Mortal Kombat XL moves


Popularity: Ruthless - 95th, Vicious - 43rd, Lackey - 66th MKX Tiers
Tiers: Ferra/Torr Ruthless, Ferra/Torr Vicious, Ferra/Torr Lackey

Ferra/Torr's Variations

Ruthless - Ruthless Ferra/Torr trades pain for power. By stabbing her blades into Torr's back, Ferra spurs the brute on, increasing his damage output. This Variation is all about balancing risk against reward and is excellent for rushdowns.
Vicious - The Vicious Variation sees Ferra turned into a living weapon with her increased damage. Torr uses the Boss Toss to hurl Ferra across the arena, while Ferra gains the Little Kutter interactive grab. The combination turns Ferra/Torr into a hybrid of brawler and zoner, with options of attacking from any range.
Lackey - In the Lackey Varition, an enhanced Torr does the heavy hitting by himself. With Ferra cheering safely from the sidelines, the brute is free to hurl himself recklessly into battle, becoming an in-your-face rush down brawler with deadly close range attacks.
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Tips for Ferra/Torr

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Premonished posted May 4, 2015

A great bnb combo for Ferra/Torr in the Vicious variation is B+2,3,2+4,Dash,F+2~4,Boss Toss.

wingliger posted April 24, 2015

This goes all characters. When trying to punish attacks, if you use a normal move it will come out 1 frame later because recovery from blocking is 1 frame. So trying to punish a move that is -6 will mean you need an attack with 5 frame startup unless its a special attack. Special attacks start up normally because they are reversals.


haysan32 posted April 16, 2015

My main

NotOneOfUs posted April 14, 2015

Please be good...

OomackattackoO posted April 13, 2015

cant wait to play this duo


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