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MKXL > Erron Black > Sand Trap - Special Moves

Erron Black's Sand Trap Mortal Kombat XL

Sand Trap
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Quick Sand
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Tips for Erron Black's Sand Trap
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Moanski posted May 12, 2015

Tips for fighting Erron Black
Erron Black’s command grab is difficult to deal with due to its great range. However, both Sand Trap and the enhanced Quick Sand have a slow startup and whiff crouching opponents who are not blocking. Neutral jump or duck and punish during recovery to make the opponent more cautious about attempting this move.

Characters with parries such as Liu Kang (Flame Fist) or Kitana (Assassin) can parry this attack with ease.

dvex posted May 10, 2015

A 13% throw which can be ex'ed to 19% during the move.
.Good damage and since it is a throw it add's to errons mix up potential.
.2 potential times to ex it... Can ex normally at the start which adds armor(useful on wake up if your opponent is pressuring and even blocking) Can also ex to make it do 19% damage(very good to confirm into death if they are low enough.
.very good range for a throw as it lunges forward
.great combo ender when your opponent is juggled as you cant combo into it on a grounded opponent since its a throw.
.done onto caltrops for even more damage.
.15 frame start up so easily hit out of normal version if opponent is hitting buttons.
.-17 on block so easily punishable.

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