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MKXL > Erron Black
Erron Black Mortal Kombat XL artwork

Erron Black Mortal Kombat XL moves list, strategy guide, combos and character overview


Popularity: Gunslinger - 16th, Outlaw - 11th, Marksman - 66th MKX Tiers
Tiers: Erron Black Gunslinger, Erron Black Outlaw, Erron Black Marksman

Erron Black's Variations

Gunslinger - While in the Gunslinger Variation, Erron's playstyle is focused mainly on his revolvers. Unique to this Variation, Black gains his Standoff stance, which grants him additional special moves. Erron can also use his Coin Toss special attack whilst in Gunslinger. The Coin Toss' trajectory can be changed depending on which direction is held, and this particular attack is very versatile due to its uses as a mid/long range poke, a kombo extender, and a pressure tool.
Outlaw - The Outlaw Variation equips Erron Black with a bladed weapon forged using a broken off Tarkatan warrior's arm. With this weapon, Erron gains access to new kombo strings and an impale special move that causes Erron to break the blade off inside the opponent and deals damage over time. While the weapon is broken, Erron loses the ability to perform any of his sword-based attacks.
Marksman - In the Marksman Variation, Erron carries a rifle on his back that he can use for unique special moves. These special moves include a three-shot attack that creates space between Erron and his opponent, a crouching sniper shot that can be charged and/or dash cancelled, and a pop up attack that works great for kombo extension.
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Tips for Erron Black

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Holden posted May 1, 2015

As Erron Black, your corner game is practically unparalleled. With up to two damage over time abilities (the universal Caltrops [down back 3] and the Outlaw-specific Tarkatan Impale [down forward 2]) and a command throw (Sand Trap, down back forward 2) that can be connected on an airborne to carry both of you forward, the potential for incredible combo damage on an immobile opponent at the end of the screen is massive. Practice driving your opponent to the corner and find ways to stack the damage from the many tools at your disposal.

Cadence posted April 29, 2015

This dude has some pretty insane punishes from range, namely his slide and f3. The fact that these two are a low and an overhead respectively makes this character's approaches deadly serious, especially since they go across all three variations.

ragingkarma posted April 26, 2015

I am going to be short with this one. Erron black is one of the harder characters to learn mostly because he is purely mechanics a requires a high amount of knowledge to use this character effectively. His outlaw is by far is most balanced and his greatest variation for having a command grab and still having range. I recommend you practicing a lot with character to get relatively good at him.

rengokuhyouya55 posted April 25, 2015

The Sand Slide is a great low tool found in all three variations. This move sends you bowling across the map, with a range just shy of full-screen. I wouldn't recommend using it at its max range though, as you'll more than likely get blocked by your adversary. And since it does have a rather easy-to-exploit start, I'd say it's best not to use this at point-blank either (although, admittedly, it can get you out of the corner with great speed if it connects). For safety, I'd say this is best to use in two places: At mid-range, and to close out a combo. Using the conversions at the end of strings, you can launch into the slide, adding that sought-after extra damage and putting yourself on the opposite side of your opponent. Its EX form adds three pop-up shots while you're juggled in the air, but it doesn't seem possible to follow up with anything. As such, I'd say that unless you're securing a round with the extra hits, it's better to save your meter.

Next, the Caltrops. These are a staple for his Gunslinger/Marksman variations' zoning aspects, allowing you to cause unblockable DoT (or "bleed") while your opponent is walking/crouching on them. It also prevents running, which can help take the heat off you versus fighters with a run-down (aggressive) style. Those with a teleport though, can make this move a bit useless. The other use for the caltrops, however, is the one I'd say is best. This is to use them in combination with another move, specifically Sand Trap. Since the opponent will be down in an unblockable grabbed state, if you have caltrops down in the same area, you can add a healthy amount of damage to your already-great knockdown. (It should be noted that this is excellent for putting the hurt on cornered opponents, and that by using the EX finish to your Sand Trap, you can keep your foe down on the ground for a few extra seconds before the bonus revolver shot, which means even more caltrop damage while they stay trapped.)

Since I already went into it with the applications of your Caltrops, we'll cover the Sand Trap next. (I love this move!) Basically, it's an advancing grab, which tosses your opponent to the ground and beats them silly for a few seconds. You can EX the Sand Trap to make it add a bonus shot to the end, which also gives you the added bonus of additional space between the opponent and yourself. This means you have a better window to avoid wake-ups, or set up your next string of attacks. It can be used on aerial foes as well, which makes it the go-to golden-boy of combo finishers. Where the move really shines, though, is when you're using the Outlaw variation. With this, you can have caltrops/the Tarkatan Stab in effect, causing 2x DoT while holding your opponent in an immobile state for about three seconds. Ouch. Long story short, if you can get away with it, this move won't let you down.

Hope some of that helps!

wingliger posted April 24, 2015

This goes all characters. When trying to punish attacks, if you use a normal move it will come out 1 frame later because recovery from blocking is 1 frame. So trying to punish a move that is -6 will mean you need an attack with 5 frame startup unless its a special attack. Special attacks start up normally because they are reversals.

starzilla83 posted April 22, 2015

Erron Black's first variation, Gunslinger, is easily the least useful of the 3 variations. This variation's unqiue moves are the Money Shot and the Stand Off stance which gives him three different attacks. Entering the stance allows Black to do either a anti-air (2), a quick projectile (4), a low attack which can be used to end some combos (3) and a button to cancel out of the stance (1). His other attack, the Money Shot, has him flip a coin into the air and then he reflects a bullet off of it. This variation is not that useful for a few reasons. For starter, his Anti-Air is not effecive unless your already in the Stand Off stance because by the time you've entered the stance, your oppenent will have likely already landed. Also, the Money Shot is very inaccurate and has a huge start-up time, making it easy to dogde. However there are some good uses of this variation. For starters, pressing 4 in his Stand Off stance is a good way to end a combo, however it's likely the very last shot won't hit, allowing for your oppenent to be able to hit Black with a wake up attack. Also, if your oppenent is trapped far from you behind some caltrops and you in the Stand-Off stance, it's likely they're be scare to move usless they can teleport. If your oppenent is at mid screen, enter Stand Off and then wait to see your oppenent's next move. In most situations, press 4 or, if they jump, press 2.
Gunslinger is a good variation for tricking your oppenent but is both A: useless against oppenents who can teleport and B: is inferior to his other variations.
His second variation is Outlaw which gives him a new move as well as some new combos. His new move, the Tarkatan Poke, is similar to the Caltrops in that in causes damage over-time, however, the over-time damage cannot kill the oppenent. This variation is good for players who prefer a more aggressive play-style.
Outlaw, though rendered useless by long range characters like Kenshi, is a perfect variation for aggressive players or to counter teleporting characters. Just make sure you make good use of the Sand Slide for spamming oppenents.
Erron Black's last variation is Marksmen. This final variation gives the player the Long Shot, Swing Shot and Unload moves. This variation is good for the more deffensive players, however, it's not that great for zooning due to the Long Shot's longer start up and the Unload being able to be easily blocked. The Unload is a move that puts some space between Black and his oppenent, while also doing damage to his opponent. Though the first two shots can be ducked under, the last shot must be blocked. The Long Shot shoots low and lying down characters. It can also duck under some projectiles. Lastly the Swing Shot is a slow pop-up attack.
The Marksmen is a good variation that give Erron Black some good projectiles, but isn't that useful against teleporting characters.
Over all, Erron Black in the hands of a capable player is a deadly force.

hunter2117 posted April 22, 2015

Outlaw Erron is a very technical rushdown play style. The sand used for high low mixups are excellent. He has his command grab. If the Tarkatan blade is broken off into the opponent they will continue to bleed for about 3 seconds. While they're impaled you cannot do moves that used the blade. The blade returns after the 3 seconds and you can use it again. With the broken off blade combined with his caltrops and command grab, massive damage adds up quickly. The enhanced version of his throw can be used to keep the opponent laying on the caltrops for more damage.

ErronBackInBlack posted November 17, 2015

I play all three of erron's variations: all of which are all great variations if played right.

With marksman, it's main edge is for pressure, zoning and combos. The Marksman rifle low shot (down,forward 1) is one of your main tools with Marksman as you are able to cancel. This means that general combos will be higher (if cancelled quick enough) and deal more damage. Not to mention the pressure you can put on someone when using your cancels. Note, however, that his cancels will take a bit of practice. His corner combos are also very strong as you can use the 'down back 2' in all kinds of massive damage dealing combos.

Gunslinger is just as effective if used right. His unique (to that variation's) move set gives out a very unpredictable edge. Gunslinger is a great mix up variation with also the zoning factor being significant. After the patch, you can deal a fair amount of damage with a small bars used of your meter, if in fact you use any. With his incredible useful variation move - stand off you can catch out even the best players. You can mix up the multiple options when in stand off: multiple low shots which a lot of players find hard to block (and great chip damage),a spin shot which gives you real whilst also being offensive and a high shot to the air which will throw people into the air which can be combo off'd.

Outlaw - the most mainstream of Errons variations does earn it's popularity but equally to the more underated of his variations. Most people use outlaw for its great resets and sand toss opportunities. The sand toss is your biggest ally in this variation. It leaves a gap where the other player is stunned, leaving them defenceless against your attacks, and if utilized correctly, deal a massive combo without any pressure on you. He also a great ranged nuetral jump which catches out most players. He also is equipped with a tarkatan blade which creates interesting combos and gives out bleed damage. If bleed damage is used alongside caltrops you can put great deal of pressure on the other character because they will be losing a lot of health as your putting pressure on them.

All variations are amazing. It's really about how you like to play. As I said i use all of them because they are all so great in their own way. Just, which ever you choose. Use to its full potential. They all can live up to high ones!

Smackerthe1st posted April 8, 2015

I can't wait to play this game!!!!!!

StreetFighterTekkenFanForever posted March 31, 2015

I can't Wait to Play as Erron Black!!!!!!!


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