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Ermac's Variations

Mystic - The Mystic Variation adds a green glow to Ermac's arms signifying an enhancement to his telekinetic powers. While in this Variation, Ermac re-learns his Grab and Push Away special move from Mortal Kombat 9. Additionally, his Force Lift attack leaves the opponent suspended in the air for a longer duration, resulting in easier punishes. This Variation is best for players that enjoy landing large combos that do not require a ton of high-level execution.
Master of Souls - In the Master of Souls Variation, Ermac has green souls that hover around him while he fights. The number of souls surrounding Ermac determines how powerful his Soul Ball projectile will be upon firing it. He can also utilize his Disappear special move in this Variation, which allows Ermac to vanish from sight for a short period of time. While off-screen, Ermac can not be attacked, making this move great for evading oncoming attacks.
Spectral - Spectral Ermac is most easily identified by the green glow emanating from his chest. In this Variation, Ermac loses his ability to perform his Hover special move, but in exchange, gains the ability to enter a flying state. He also has a set of special moves specific to his fly. Mobility is the main focus of the Spectral Variation.
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Tips for Ermac

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Ninjagoon posted April 24, 2015

A few helpful tips for Ermac players:

-Ermac's db1 (all variations) is a great anti air and punish from mid range. If done at the right time and range, it can also catch Mileena out of roll, Scorpion out of teleport, Sub Zero out of slide, and Liu Kang out of his flying kick.The timing is trick for some of those so head into practice to see if you can get the timing down.

-Ermac's Levitate can be used to punish careless wake-ups. Be careful of characters like Kung Lao though, that can hit you up there.

-If an Grandmaster Sub-Zero has you trapped in a corner with his ice clone, His lift (db1) can get through it and catch the overly aggressive snow man or you can break the clone and his rush down with a ex db2. Even if he blocks the db2, you're safe on block and the clone is gone. Be careful when using his lift as it is unsafe on block.

- Ermac's Mystic variation is a good counter pick against characters with no real teleport. From my experience, you can lame out characters like Jax, Kano, Liu Kang, Goro, etc.

- You can use Ermac's vanish to bait out a uppercut during a jump in. It stops your momentum and it counts as a neutral jump so keep that in mind when you decide to punish.

ForceMount posted October 2, 2015

D1 has very low start up making it a perfect for footsies

F4 is OD most people aren't blocking overhead you can follow up with either B,F2 or D,B4 to confirm

CodexRagnarok posted September 7, 2015

Master of Soul Combos to help you on your way

DopeDojo posted June 9, 2015

For the Ermac users. A version of his Vortex that is Meterless. Requires a stagger after the string, stand 1 works best as it is +2 on block and +8 on hit.

Enkindu posted May 11, 2015

Ermac's Master of Souls variant allows you to pull off longer combos than his other variants. However, keep in mind you can get more damage starting combos with a single hit leading into bf2 than you can if you do 3 or more hits. Bf2 is also his most damaging finisher so make sure you have enough. You can only stun your opponent if you have 3 souls (max), or with an ex bf2, which has a much shorter stun duration. You can throw an ex bf2 if you don't have any souls swirling around you too. So you're never really without them so long as your meter management is solid.

wingliger posted April 24, 2015

This goes all characters. When trying to punish attacks, if you use a normal move it will come out 1 frame later because recovery from blocking is 1 frame. So trying to punish a move that is -6 will mean you need an attack with 5 frame startup unless its a special attack. Special attacks start up normally because they are reversals.

ragingkarma posted April 22, 2015

Ermac is a weird character that is based around a mental game. Ermac's walk speed is not that fast but his moves are really going to screw you over. His teleport punch is the same as scorpions. He has a telekinesis which suspends you in air great for mid combos or to set one up. His projectiles provides a nice safe way to poke for damage. Even in one of his variations the master of souls he can stun the opponent for 2-3 seconds for a massive combo. Ermac is one of the harder characters to play because he feels stiff and his combos requires a lot of inputs. I would recommend this for skilled players but new people beware that pull off some of these combos requires a lot of dexterity and timing.

LazyPaws posted April 22, 2015

When using Mystic Variation, Ermac's tele-grab can be extremely helpful in locking down an opponent. Like Kenshi, it can be timed well to get a hold of falling opponents to lift them in the air, which can set up for a typical Jump kick to teleport.

TheZum posted April 22, 2015

In his Spectral variation, Ermac gains the ability to levitate and fly around the screen. If he performs his air blast attack or his teleport attack from his in-flight state, he automatically builds a bar of meter.

TheZum posted April 22, 2015

nner Workings (Fatality 1) - Hold Block, Down, Up, Back, Release Block (Mid-Screen)
Head Out (Fatality 2) - Hold Block, Forward, Down, Down, Up, Release Block (Mid-Screen)
Nether Force (Brutality 1) - Perform 10 special moves during the match, then kill the opponent with an Air Force Port (Down, Back+4+Block in the air).
We Win (Brutality 2) - Connect a five-hit combo that ends with the Force Lift (Down, Back+1), then kill the opponent with a Force Lift.
Gluttony (Brutality 3) - In the Mystic variation, with at least 40 percent health kill the opponent with a Tele-Hold (Down, Back+1+Block).
Soul Eater (Brutality 4) - In the Master of Souls variation, connect a 10-hit combo, then while Ermac has all three souls floating around him, hit the opponent with Soul Ball (Back, Forward+2) and kill the opponent with Soul Release (Back, Forward+1).
Controlled Chaos (Brutality 5) - In the Spectral variation, use Soul Accession (Down, Down, Up) to fly, then kill the opponent with a Soul Charge (Back, Forward+2).

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