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MKXL > Bo' Rai Cho

Bo' Rai Cho's Variations

Dragon Breath - In this variation, Bo' Rai Cho is provided with various fire attacks that can be used as combo enders or pressure tools. Bo' Rai Cho gains access to the ability to shoot fire forwards, upwards as an anti-air, and ignite the ground for a damage over time effect. Any crop dusters that make contact with fire will ignite and cause the opponent to be popped up for a combo if too close.
Drunken Master - Bo' Rai Cho is granted the ability to take a drink in this variation and can also drink as a follow up to many of his moves. Each drink will increase his "drunk level" to a maximum of level 3. While drunk, Bo' Rai Cho gains access to improved versions of his moves as well as gain access to new moves. Bo' Rai Cho is particularly damaging and unpredictable in this variation but neglecting drinks will cause him to eventually vomit, leaving him vulnerable.
Bartitsu - The Bartitsu variation grants access to a cane that greatly augments Bo' Rai Cho's reach. Many of Bo' Rai Cho's normal moves are changed to utilize the reach of the cane. Bo' Rai Cho also gains access to various cane specials including some that are multi-hitting, making this an ideal variation for breaking through armored attacks.
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MEETHEGROUCH posted March 18, 2016

Some Setups and Combos for Anyone and Everyone from my Youtube Page.

Dragon Breath

Drunken Master


My Advice, Bo' Rai Cho is a hard hitting Master of different fighting styles. Up close he one of the best in my Opinion. I hope he really doesn't get nerfed but actually buffed. Now I know some are like Buffed???? Well let me explain why as I have stated on Mortal Kombat's Website and one or two Threads on Youtube.

His Weaknesses

1. No real Projectile
2. Out Zoned by Zoners and Spammers
3. Slow Unblockable Stomp.
4. Cool down in Drunken Master leaves him too Vulnerable to Attack which can really turn the tide of the battle.


1. Simply speed up his stomp a little to contend with zoners or better yet make his Fart Cloud or Down, Back, 4 able to Counter Projectiles.

2. I still feel like he shouldn't be vulnerable to attack in Drunken Master. But it is what it is. It should have been when he drinks on each level his damage output increases and his range of special attacks increase on all moves. That would make up for his lack of a Projectile Zoning Game.


But otherwise he's a Solid Character who focuses on getting inside and staying inside to Exploit an Opponent via Mix Ups and Kombos.

In Conclusion

He's one of my Main Characters and he hits hard like Leatherface.

Nrs do not Nerf The Master!!! Lol

combobreaker96 posted March 6, 2016

This is another POSSIBLE setup I found, it's not guaranteed at all. But if it hits, it will be devastating

combobreaker96 posted March 6, 2016

Bo' Rai Cho Dragon's Breath corner combo/setup

gamedragonify posted March 3, 2016

A few basic combos. A few universal, and one exclusive to each variation.

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