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MKXL > Alien
Alien Mortal Kombat XL artwork

Alien Mortal Kombat XL moves


Popularity: Acidic - 55th, Konjurer - 99th, Tarkatan - 59th MKX Tiers
Tiers: Alien Acidic, Alien Konjurer, Alien Tarkatan

Alien's Variations

Acidic - This variation gives Alien the ability to sling acid at his foe both from the ground and the air. He also gains the ability to throw up a pool of acidic blood, which creates a damage over time effect very similar to Erron Black's caltrops. This variation augments Alien's already strong mid-range play.
Konjurer - This variation centers around the ability to call in other aliens to help on the battlefield. Alien can summon up a face hugger that will leap onto and stun the opponent if they step too close. He can also call in a drone to descend from up above to body splash his foe, with an EX version that pops the opponent up for a follow up combo. Konjurer is all about setting traps, and so may be weak to strong rush down.
Tarkatan - Alien has the Tarkatan warrior's arm blades in this variation. Tarkatan is Alien's most rushdown style, as he gains access to some high-damage, close range slicing attacks. Alien can perform Baraka's trademark shredder attack, where he repeatedly slices his foe with up and down motions before flinging them away. He can also lunge forward with a series of swipes that combine overhead and low attacks.
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