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MK11 > Sub-Zero > Death-Cicle Barrage - Variation C Moves

Sub-Zero's Death-Cicle Barrage Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate

Death-Cicle Barrage
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Abbadon36 posted May 4, 2019

A close range multi hitting projectile.
I really like this move!
It's new but I'm seeing many applications already.
If you know your opponent is mashing buttons in your strings you can throw this move in your strings to punish them. Since Sub steps back many interrupting pokes will miss and they'll take really good damage as a result.
Can be used as an odd anti air. You see someone jumping at you throw this out they get hit by half or more of the shards.
Also a great round ender since it does a very respectable amount of chip damage.

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