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MK11 > Scorpion
Scorpion Mortal Kombat 11: Aftermath artwork

Scorpion Mortal Kombat 11: Aftermath moves


Tier Ranking: 10th MK11 Tiers Popularity: 2nd
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mayo920777 posted March 29, 2019

Just a better way to keep the moves universal across platforms and default controls. 1 - Front Punch, 2 - Back Punch, 3 - Front Kick, 4 - Back Kick.
So default for PS4: 1- Square, 2 - Triangle, 3 - X, 4 - Circle

Bronislava posted June 2, 2019

All optimised combos for scorpion are here:
If you see improvement possible in this list please share it with us.

chansen posted May 28, 2019

My very first mk game where I actually want to play scorp. Awesome

ScorpionMyFav posted April 7, 2019

Sorry, forgot that that other dude had the numbers to ps4 controls...

tigerden posted March 27, 2019

Is there any possible way someone could put move list in ps4 button please? These move lists dont make sense for ps4. Make it possible for all to use these

strike58 posted January 30, 2019

Uff I were afraid that they will change spears input to b,b+1
making it user friendly again.


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