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Noob Saibot Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate artwork

Noob Saibot Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate moves


Tier Ranking: 18th MK11 Tiers Popularity: 2nd

Noob Saibot was part of Mortal Kombat 11's 25 character starting lineup, and was available to play upon the game's release back on April 23, 2019.

This character has a very unique history in the MK universe as he technically is the original Sub-Zero who appeared in Mortal Kombat 1. He first popped up as a non-playable hidden character in Mortal Kombat 2, and made it to a playable roster for the first time on November 6, 1995 with the release of Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3.

Noob is a wraith dressed entirely in black. He does have some distinct articles of clothing in Mortal Kombat 11 as we can discern a hood and a few layers of dark armor on his person. He also has a secondary shadow figure that aids him in battle, this extension of Noob is also shrouded entirely in black.

A zoning character in MK11, Noob uses his Shadow Slide often as it's a quick, low hitting special that can be made safe when amplified. He often allows his shadow clone to do the dirty work so that he himself doesn't have to risk damage from attacks, but he can go in with Tele-Slam whenever he sees an opening from afar. His Spirit Ball does more damage than average projectiles, and Sickle Snare is a great anti air and combo extender.

Since he has such effective tools from a distance, Noob is balanced by relatively slow movement options. His walk speed isn't the fastest and his dashes leave a good bit to be desired. If he misses with any of his attacks, he tends to be vulnerable for longer than average amounts of time.

Noob's strengths and weaknesses add up to his being a mid tier character in MK11. Pro players tend to place him around the middle of the pack when it comes to tier rankings, sometimes giving him a bit of an edge and placing him in the higher portions of the mid tier.

This character has some of the most visually awesome and satisfying combos in all of MK11, and can be very fun for patient players who like to out wait and frustrate foes. Be ready to deal with some difficult situations whenever your foes do navigate their way in, however, as it can be rough once they're up in your face.

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Abbadon36 posted September 1, 2019

Strangely honest character considering how evil and edgy he is.
Overall good at most distances on the screen in both tournament variations.
With Black Sabbath has tons of combos that'll do easily 30%-35% without fail.
Seeing Double has more zoning tools and a special low fireball that makes blocked stings safe.
Has an excellent throw game since he has Krushing blows on both forward and back throws.
I'd say best at mid to close range.
No real High/Low game.
More about conditioning people to block, throw them, and get big damaging punishes.

andy0 posted May 1, 2019

is there a way for me to make a mock edit that can be reviewed before being posted, as i main Noob and could add some combos i have worked out

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