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King of Dinosaurs King of Fighters 14 artwork

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Rulio posted March 29, 2017

King Of Dinosaur is a heavy grappler that deal great amount of damage and is overall focused on command grabs, basic mixing and OTG. By having large damages on not-so-long combos, Dino can reverse a difficult situation pretty quickly. Due to the fact he doesn't not really need meter to strike huge damages he can be played in Point, or Middle. But I don't think it would do great as Anchor. It is pretty noob-friendly and can teach you the basic of KoF grapplers playstyle.

But, Dinosaur is really slow, has no much opportunities, start combos on low are not so good and he has a lot of trouble getting out of pressure. Even his armored moves can't deal with top-tier pressure. He is vulnerable to hado-traps and can't deal with perfectly timed fireballs.

King Of Dinosaur is definitely a character meant for player looking heavy, powerful, funky and grappler like character.


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