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fortuna posted February 27, 2017

After two games with a weird, itchy-n-scratchy moveset that made Iori a pure rushdown character, the "Flames" Iori of old is back in the regular cast. This will make players both old and new pretty happy now that whatever the XII moveset was is gone.

And as a surprise to no one, he is once again one of the best and most played characters in the game now that his Flames moveset is back. Simply put, there is nothing he can't do, with great normals, solid weapons against aerial combat (including his Climax Art), dangerous high-low mix-ups, a good fireball, respectable damage, one of the scariest MaxModes, and easily the best crossup in the game. He even has a command grab to start his combos, although it can be interrupted pretty easily if you want the reset with it. There's shades of '98 Iori here, although nowhere near as powerful; he can't stun in two combos, he doesn't do the damage that he used to overall without meter. With meter, a totally different story.

Not much else to say here; Iori's a fantastic character that does everything and sucks at nothing, although in the mixup or rushdown department he can be somewhat outclassed, but those characters can't do what Iori does; everything. He's a jack of all trades, master of one or two. On top of that, he's a low-execution character, but it will take time in the lab to use him at his full potential. For those who want someone not only easy, but very solid all around as well, here you go.


Dkennon posted December 29, 2016

So we're just gonna forget 2 put his HCB,F+K overhead special move tho EventHub!?


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