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Geese King of Fighters 14 artwork

Geese King of Fighters 14 moves list, strategy guide, combos and character overview


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fortuna posted February 24, 2017

Geese in XIV is an absolute monster. He returns to the series as the well-rounded power character, with a few notable changes. Fireballs, counters, and punishing with long combos remain the main theme of Geese (as does Soy Sauce for Geese), so expect a lot of familiarity if you've used him in the past.

The signature trait with Geese, along with previous versions of him in past KOF games, is his insane damage output, especially with meter. To complement his strong neutral game, Geese has numerous combo routes with his vast array of launchers, command normals, juggles and OTGs, while being able to use MaxMode very well. Reppuken is a very strong fireball, can trap with it pretty efficiently to set up big advantage scenarios, and as with before he can double it up to plow through other non-EX fireballs at the cost of startup. His level 3 Super, Raging Storm, is one of the best Climax Supers in the game due to its extreme versatility, ease of comboing into (including his Counter Super), and its overall ridiculous damage.

Geese does have his limits, and they largely stem from air-to-air combat with his unreliable meterless anti-airs and poor-ranged aerial buttons. His grounded buttons are a tad on the slow side, so it takes a little bit of baiting and setup in order to get a full combo out, but this is what his Reppuken traps are for. Unfortunately this means Geese's options on wakeup sans meter are practically non-existent. Your only hope is to bank on a lucky counter or your Level 3.

Nonetheless, Geese is a high-tier pick through and through, and is definitely an excellent choice for beginners, as he is a solid anchor on almost any team. He requires less mechanical skill than previous versions as his combos have been simplified, and Raging Storm no longer uses the dreaded pretzel input. Those who play or the Tekken series will come to appreciate Geese as he has a very similar feel to the average Tekken character with his juggles and long combos. When you land the Counter Super into Level 3 combo for the first time, there's no feeling quite like it. If you like playing the conditioning game, enjoy extended combos, or just have a mighty need to deal truckloads of damage, Geese is definitely a character to consider for your roster.


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