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fortuna posted February 15, 2017

Choi has historically been KOF's trademark annoying character, and this holds true in his return to the series in XIV. He sees the most use as a lead since he builds a lot of meter and has the unpredictability to bait out opponents' habits in neutral.

He has mobility in droves, with his charged specials, dive kick and wall jump cancels that buy him time while frustrating opponents into making mistakes with his footsies. Senpu Hien can poke at the opponent pretty healthily while opening them up or keeping them on the backpedal and forcing them to respect your space. Surprisingly, his buttons aren't that bad either for someone of his size.

Choi has a lot of problems in XIV however. For one, his damage sucks - it's among the lowest in the game when meter is involved. He suffers mightily when he loses momentum, and is also lacking in ability to use the MaxMode mechanic to the fullest. Finally, his high degree of technical demand makes him a very hard character for beginners, although those who have played ST or SF4 Vega will have a leg up.

So why play Choi? He is the character to get under your oppponent's skin. A master with Choi can piss off even the hardest-willed opponents when the matchup permits. A Street Fighter-like footsies mentality also works really well with this character. If you like charge characters, trying something weird, manipulating your opponent and making them suffer, then Choi's your man.

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