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Rulio posted March 21, 2017

Chang is a power-striker which is known for his great overall strength and his newly stamina that hit 1200 - ! - . Unlike most of the cast, Chang doesn't need any execution skill to deal huge amount of damages to his opponent.

His gameplan is pretty simple, varying from mid-range keep away - Iron Ball armored throw - to gimmicks using his command throw. Not to mention his ability to chip an interesting amount of health on blocked Funsei Geki and Daikaiten. Overall his antiairs - Cr.HP, HP, Dai Bousou and Assatsu - are legit. He does need a lots of meter to use his two powerful supers which make him better in Anchor position. But he will be good at Point position.

However, despite having a really strong corner-carry. He is somehow weak in neutral and he has awful ways to deal with pressure. By having, a huge hurtbox due to his size and no meterless reversal, Chang does have trouble to defend. He is a really slow character with almost no footsies. Furthermore, this character is mostly unsafe on every move, which making him very open to KOFXIV heavy punish system. But thanks SNK, his health should give him a significant boost.

Chang will definitely identify as a mid-low tiers character that definitely don't match with the top and god tiers of the cast. He is meant for players that seek a unique, dirty, funky and grappler-like gamestyle.

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