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Riptor Killer Instinct artwork

Riptor Killer Instinct moves


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NRGREVEL posted May 21, 2016

Riptor is a very fast moving rush-down character with a big arsenal of moves to go along with her, she almost always outspeeds her opponent and a great riptor usually flattens characters that rely on set-up like Kan-Ra.
A very strong character and heavily favorited online, you will see many Riptor players during your time on Killer instinct, Mostly because of her strength online and visual appeal.
To play against a riptor you need to know her moveset pretty well considering she has quite a few mixups to knock you down. Riptor does average against airborne characters, but not exceedingly well. So a good Sadira can get the better of Riptor.
An excellent starter character and very fun to play. Try picking up this character if Jago seems to be not your kind of speed.

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