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Rash Killer Instinct artwork

Rash Killer Instinct moves


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NRGREVEL posted May 21, 2016

To get you opponent up in the air, use your uppercut or much easier, medium or heavy big boot puts your opponent pretty far up above you to do some decent juggle combos.
His Shadow Big Boot is his most damaging combo ender, so make use of it to end juggles and cash out potential damage from any combo, it's also heavily damaging wake-up that sends your opponent to a fullscreen distance. It's unsafe on block and whiff however.

NRGREVEL posted May 21, 2016

When doing combos with rash, make use of his "wicked tongue" to do juggle combos in the air. You can also use it to eat certain enemy projectiles and get close to zoning opponents since it can be used as a self pull.

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