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NRGREVEL posted May 21, 2016

Mira, is the purest form of High-Risk, High-Reward on Killer Instinct as of right now. Using her own health to deal damage pays off when you can land her combos, and she can turn the tables on a match whether she's winning or losing.
She does particularly well against characters that don't like being pinned to the wall such as Kan-Ra or Aganos. However a high damage dealer such as Sabrewulf can shut her down just as fast as she shuts everyone else down.
When playing against Mira, keep in mind her zoning is pretty damn good, so shooting Fireball after Fireball at her is a No-Go, and her airdash and Mist Form give her more than enough to get close to her opponent.
She's not a difficult character but learning to sustain yourself while dealing damage could take some practice. So she isn't a terrible starter character, just not reccomended.

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