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NRGREVEL posted May 21, 2016

Kan-Ra relies on traps and set-ups alot, with decent grapples, and does well against characters that don't have alot of mobility like Aganos as well as characters that rely on unsafe moves, like Shadow Jago. Keep in mind there will be characters like Mira, Glacius, Omen and a few others that can easily bully Kan-Ra into a corner either because they have safe mobility or they can play the range game alot better than Kan-Ra.
A Kan-Ra without sand on the ground has ; No reversal, and no ranged command attacks from the sand dunes. When playing against a Kan-Ra either don't allow them to put any sand down or bait them to use Sandsplosion, his unsafe wake-up reversal.
A smart Kan-Ra will use his grapples to catch blocking or jumping opponents, since the start of season 3 his grapples are a little more obvious and can be stopped early by a quicker move like Sabrewulfs ragged edge at close range or Jagos Shadow wind kick to get through his projectiles and hit Kan-Ra.
Not at all a good starter character, consider picking up Kan-Ra after learning a few other characters or if you played a character like him before.

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