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Batman Injustice 2 artwork

Batman Injustice 2 moves


Stamina: 1,250 Tier Ranking: 10th
Popularity: 2nd Injustice 2 Tiers
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Ahero posted May 23, 2017

Batman is a very well rounded, jack of all trades master of none, character. His damage and execution are solid and simple respectively and the tricks you'll need to get good at in IJ2 are very much a part of Batman's game plan.

His fastest cancelable low back1 1 is your mist valuable tool for mixing up your opponent as it can be finished with an overhead (back1,1,2) or a combo starter in the corner (back1,1,3) though you'll probably avoid using it for better options do to scaling.

His projectiles builds a ton of meter does okay damage and most importantly sends Batman backwards. This can put you at an advantage against some characters but don't expect to outzone the Zoners because you will lose that battle.

Batclaw is invaluable for combos akin to scorpions spear when meter burned. Follow up with a b3 or f3 into bnb.

The uh "bat slide" is often used and often whiffed and punished. Both parry and slide have there places but new players especially have a habit of using them in the clutch and losing the game for it.

Finally scatter bombs are surprisingly strong and the follow up with the cape options can be very deceptive cape glide 1 especially can cross up and start combos if the angle is right. Batman's double jump is invaluable in set play personally I recommend using it to avoid AA it can be invaluable in certain match ups.

J2, 223, j2, 123, b23
123, j2, 11db1 MB, f3 b23 (rush final move to make mix up low block pressure)

ROGER posted January 25, 2017



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