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Bane Injustice 2 artwork

Bane Injustice 2 moves


Stamina: 1,250 Tier Ranking: 32nd
Popularity: 5th Injustice 2 Tiers
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swagsconi posted November 3, 2017

Gonna drop few tips:
-Learn how to tick throw, if the opp. blocks a certain string, ending it in Bane Bomb will result in a successful grab. Most of these can only be escaped by jumping or back-dashing out, which can be countered by ending the string in Venom Uppercut or Mercenary's Elbow instead. To my knowledge, the most useful strings that you can tick throw with are his 112D, F2D, B23, D2, and B11. If you're struggling to connect the tick throw with 112D/F2D, trying inputting Bane Bomb as you tap down for the string itself. In the end you should only be hitting down once.
-His strongest combo w/o interacables (I think?) is 113/112D BBMB (bounce cancel) J3 123 DB1
-If you're at or close to max meter and your opp. is on their second life bar, you can quickly end the game assuming they don't clash too early. You can do the above combo and if you manage your Venom correctly it should do at least 50%. Pop the level 3 Venom and use his F2D and cancel it with a bounce attack. If you bounce them again you'll keep it unclashable and at this point your opp. should have very low health.
-B23 is a very high risk/high reward move. While it can launch the opp. for a high damage combo, (B23 B23 123 DB1 or DB2 MB in the corner for more damage) it is very unsafe. If your opp. likes to block low make sure you cancel it into Bane Bomb. Also don't sleep on his B21! It is a low into an overhead that (I'm fairly sure) is safe and causes a hard knockdown.
-As far as wakeup move options go, the only two you should be using are Venom Uppercut or Bane Bomb. If the opp. is doing literally anything besides blocking or MB B3/F3, Venom Uppercut will deal with it. If the opp. likes to block on your wakeup then go for Bane Bomb. Otherwise delaying/back-dashing/doing nothing on wakeup is still good.
-Abuse his D1. It is a low that has surprising range and you can cancel it into his special moves quite easily. Be careful not to input anything too quickly or you may accidentally cancel it into Ring Slam. Apparently it is possible to tick throw off a blocked D1 but I can never get the input right. Something that I like to do at the beginning of matches on stages that have a background bounce in the center, is cancel D1 into that background bounce, and follow it up with a B3 J3 123 DB1.
-Ending longer combos with Ring Slam will keep the opp. on the same side, but shorter ones will usually switch sides. For example, B23 123 DB1 switches sides, but adding a second B23 does not.
-At level 3 Venom, you become immune to projectiles while using special moves and you gain armor on F2/F2D. F2 can also be dashed out of. You may find use in intentionally using F2 out of range, only to forward dash out of it and punish the opp. if they used a projectile.
-If you haven't played in a while or haven't used his F2D Grab MB recently, you may not of known that it was buffed to do realistic damage. It's actually worth using now! It also switches sides.

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